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By from England

Amazing! (13 October 2011)

What an amazing little gem! More and more teachers were telling me to take out my nose stud which was nowhere near healed yet so I ordered this. Getting it in the first time was such a pain, but I tried again later after re-bending it slightly (I have thick nostrils!), and I love it! It's so comfortable and practically invisible on my dark skin! The price is fantastic too and the delivery was quick. Well done TBJS!


Nose Retainer (12 October 2011)

I bought one of these as I had a job interview.
The jewellery itself is AMAZING, its pretty much invisible unless you look incredibly close! One tiny problem I did have though was that the stem/curve was rather big and takes some getting used to compared to the smaller curves on all my metal studs - maybe I just have a small nose?. Apart from this though I cannot fault! :)


ace (22 September 2011)

so much better than the push fit ones! I wear these to school everyday, my teachers noticed the push fit system ones, but I'm good with one of these in! haven't lost one yet either :'), but i keep losing the end for the push fit one, it comes out quite easily


buybuybuy (12 September 2011)

ive bought other studs etc that are meant to be seethrough, but this one actually works :D i can get away with it at school and at work! soo happy with my purchase.

By from Kent

Little Gems (28 June 2011)

I love these little retainers, Ive had my nose pierced 5 weeks so far and in that time my baby nephew has pulled my nose ring out 3 times and Ive lost one altogether.
These things are little gems, they are invisable other than they look like little spots, so no one noticed - not even my magpie nephew and my piercing lives on another day.
These are so much better and cheaper than the retainers my piercer sells, these are half the price, and even tho I had to snip some off as I only have a small nose, they fit so much better.
Thumbs Up, Im just about to order more.


school/work (07 December 2010)

these are really helpful if you have to cover up your piercings for work or school. and they're quite comfy

By from birmingham

so invisable you'd think you lost it (21 November 2010)

Hiding a piercing easy. For any skin complexion. It sits right inside the piercing. Its not too difficult to insert once you get the hang of it but I worried I would lose it so I took it out. I will try again at some pint. But yes they work.

By from Blackpool

<3! (08 November 2010)

I love this so much. You really can't see it. I even had to ask a bunch of people if they could see it because I really didn't believe how well it worked! If it wasn't for this, I would have had to be sent to a different school because mine is so strict about piercings.
Thank you so much.

By from Texas

Now you see you don't! (01 September 2010)

I couldn't be any more impressed with these retainers. These are my first retainers for my double nostril piercings, and I'm still surprised by how they completely disappear into my face. I was concerned that my dark skin would affect their ability to disguise the piercings (a problem I've had with labret retainers), but these are perfect! In fact, I purchased other retainers during the same buy because I didn't have much confidence in my selections.

Whether I'm up close or far from the mirror, I can barely see it. In fact, I really can't see it. I just know where it is, but it's not visible. If someone else met me I guarantee they wouldn't notice it.

If you need to make piercings disappears for any reason I would highly recommend purchasing this product. I have dark/chocolate shaded skin and it's PERFECT. I imagine it would do very well for lighter shades too!

By the way, the shipping was wicked fast to the US using the free shipping.

I'm so happy with this purchase!


perfect! (14 August 2010)

I'm so glad I added this retainer to my first big purchase since I'm about to start a new job that enforces a strict no facial piercing rule. I put this in before my interview and I thought it looked like a bulbous pimple, and it fit a little too snugly in my nostril. After reading some of the other reviews I decided to use a nail file on the ball tip to make it a little less shiny, and I've also trimmed it down a bit so it is more comfortable to wear.
I don't want to lose my retainer like some others have, so I'm thinking about taking a permanent marker to put a small mark or dot of color on the inside part. I don't know if it will wear off, but it might be worth a try!

By Anonymous

Solid Clear BioFlex Nose Retainer 0.8mm (17 June 2010)

This is great! My job required me to be body-piercing-less, and this clear stud has served it's purpose well! I have no problem with the length of the hook inside my nose, as I was reading on other reviews. It's great and a good price!

By Anonymous

Nose retainer (06 February 2010)

Bought this after misplacing my labret, i didnt have to trim it to get it in, i think it was fine, also the school are aware of my nose so they are constantly looking for it, they havent found this one despite staring for ages! :D

By Anonymous

Awesome, but can be better (20 January 2010)

This is really good as it hides my piercing really well, but the only problem is that its really long, making it really hard to fit into my nose, i had to trim it but it only improved my situation by a little. Other than that, its a really good buy!

By Anonymous

good retainer (03 October 2009)

These retainers are verrrry good, they hide your piercing really well, I got them in 1.2mm, my only annoyance is that they can be tricky to get in and out and they are really long which is troublesome cos my nose is quite small..other than that [which is easily solved with a trim] they are perfect.

By Anonymous

Solid Clear BioFlex Nose Retainer (07 September 2009)

i recently bought this product to hide my piercing for school. it was very small an sat in my piercing perfectly. It was easily noticeable and hid my piercing really well!

By Anonymous

PERFECT!!! (04 September 2009)

This was exactly what I needed for school. Because it's quite long most of the time it stays well hidden in your nose but, once or twice it has gone completely through my nose and nearly fallen out i guess it's because I've only recently had my nose pierced (I will get the biggest next time). It works perfectly nobody has noticed at all if anything it looks like a spot!

By Anonymous

Great! (14 July 2009)

This is perfect for hiding nostril piercings. I have tiny nostrils and my piercing is quite high up, so getting it in was fiddly, but it went in fine in the end. I can feel it inside my nose but it's not uncomfortable.

The clear disc is less than 2mm across and sits perfectly flush with the nose, if inserted correctly. My brand-new piercing (I know you're not supposed to change jewellery for weeks, but I had a surprise formal event sprung on me and it was either change the jewellery or lose the piercing) is coping with the bioplast very well. If anything it's better camoflagued as due to the slight soreness from changing jewellery it looks like a pimple!

By Anonymous

:) (05 July 2009)

This is great for work. And thanks to the people who left the tip about cutting the end off - it's so much easier. However, it did make the end kind of sharp, which hurt my piercing. I had to sand the end with a nail file! Still, it's a great product and it feels SO comfortable too :)

By Anonymous

Bioplast nose stud (23 April 2009)

Very impressed with this, its so tiny its barely noticable.

Very good if your boss in anti-piercing.

By Anonymous

wow (21 March 2009)

i really love this, it is my saviour for school as i go to a school that doesnt allow piercings! really not noticable.

By Anonymous

BioPlast Nostril Retainer (03 February 2009)

This is really cool. It's almost invisible so great for hiding your nostril piercing

By Anonymous

Brilliant (31 January 2009)

It hid my piercing really well, even i wouldn't have been able to tell i had a screw in. :)

It wasn't that comfortable to wear and was abit of a fiddle to put in, but this was easily sorted by snipping the end abit. Everyone is different - some peple are bound to have found it comfy.

I lost it in the end (as it was so smal and clear) so i'm ordering more.

By Anonymous

Exactly what I needed! (04 November 2008)

I work in a place that does not allow any visible body jewellery, except earlobes. At first I thought I'd be ok taking my nose stud out and then just putting it back in on breaks and as soon as my shift ended, but unfortunately, my nose piercing did not like that idea, and it was closing up very quickly, even though I've had the piercing for a year. I didn't want to lose it, so I desperately searched for an answer.

I ordered this in the smallest size, and the little ball on the end is barely visible at all, only upon VERY close inspection. It was exactly what I needed.

It was tricky to get in (trimmed the end to make it easier), but mostly because my hole was quite battered and sore from constant changing every day and re-stretching the hole. I probably wouldn't have had trouble getting it in if I'd found this before I started working there.

Thank you so much for saving my piercing by providing this product and shipping it to me so quickly!!

I highly recommend this if you need to hide your piercing!

By Anonymous

does it's job (01 November 2008)

i normally wear mine when i'm going for a job interview, but my work isn't as strict as i thought it would be so i get away with wearing a normal nose stud.

its hardly noticable when you wear it.
sometimes i think it looks like i have a little spot or something on my nose, but that's only when i look close enough at it.

the shape is fine too. I don't even know its there when i'm wearing it.

By Anonymous

Retainers are recommended. (06 October 2008)

Slightly more tricky than the metal studs, but these are absolutely perfect for concealing piercings if need be.

My younger sister just had her nose pierced, as I had mine when I was her age, and because of certain school teachers, this is coming in very handy to hide her piercing without letting it heal any.

I'm sure these would be pretty much idyllic for job interviews too, or whilst you're at work to keep your piercing hidden away.

They really are unnoticable and will not be found unless you're under close examination!

By Anonymous

amazing (14 September 2008)

not all my family know about my 2nd nose piercing, so these come on handy when i have to do the family visits and what to hide then.
very comfortable, even i somethimes forget i have them in!
definately recommend these!

By Anonymous

Shape is a problem (10 September 2008)

I actually had such trouble with the shape that I cut it to turn it into an L shape, it's good value for money and conceals my piercing well tho.

By Anonymous

awesome (09 September 2008)

ive purchased two of these for my daughter as i totally love mine and she needs them for school.. theyre so small and hide the peircing well, no one will notice you have it in unless you point it out..


By Anonymous

this is AMAZING (01 September 2008)

ohmygod, this is a lifesaver. i've had to wear this at school, and no one can tell i've got it in!

gotta say though, the tail's a bit too long, but its easily sorted by a snip of the scissors.

By Anonymous

amazing (19 August 2008)

i love this my mom, dad, teachers, not even my friends noticed it

+Plus it really comfy and doesn't irritate you piercing at all

one thing thing i don't like is the shape it would be better as just a right angle nose stud


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