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Spiffeh Star (: (22 November 2010)

It's been my favorite so far for my Monroe. its cute and i got alot of compliments for it. <3 the only issue was trying to pull it out to change it but worth the small hassle. (:

By Anonymous

A must buy! (20 May 2010)

I bought this labret stud for my tragus after it was pierced with a BCR, and it's probably the best item that I've purchased! It helped with a lot with healing time and it's flexible meaning that my piercing never gets irritated if I knock it. I've never had a problem with Bioplast and I also use it in my nose piercing, so I'll definitely be using this material when I can change my rook piercing!

A must buy for any troublesome piercings or piercings that are prone to being knocked :)

By Anonymous

simple yet beautiful (28 February 2010)

very very low profile and disreet stud. perfect for college and work. i usually take an 11mm stud and the biggest, 10mm is a bit tight but not too noticably. really comfy as light and easy to wear almost forget its there!! can be a bit fiddle to push in but gets easier the more you do it. well worth a buy.

By Anonymous

Great idea (22 January 2010)

As per other comments, this is a very small accessory, so may not be the best choice for someone who wants something to really stand out. However, this is a lot easier to put in than the usual barbells, and still looks very nice.

By Anonymous

Very Pretty (10 August 2009)

Star is a lot smaller than I first expected but makes for a nice discrete touch to my other tragus piercings.

By Anonymous

so cute (30 July 2009)

this labret stud is so damn pretty & discret, wonderful for family events (:

By Anonymous

I love this (22 May 2009)

it's small, cute and subtle. It fits my lip piercing really well =]

By Anonymous

titchy tragus (10 January 2009)

this tiny labret looks ammmmazing in my tragus its really comfy and the perfect size!! people always comment !

By Anonymous

Pretty! (26 December 2008)

Very pretty. Love the colour too.

By Anonymous

pink star (28 November 2008)

I loved this one so girly so cute but just to spikie for my lip to handel even in my top lip pierced but it was brill while i did very cute !!!!

By Anonymous

star labret stud (29 July 2008)

this stud is ideal for people who need to wear more disceet jewelery for work.

alot of my work mates aked if i had taken my lip peircing out!!! when i pointed out my new star stud they all said it was really girly.

the push in star makes it really easy to take in and out and is still secure.

By Anonymous

So So Small (07 November 2007)

This piece of jewelery is so small its cute :P I bought it for a friend and she uses it in her tragus piercing. Its pretty discrete but it looks cute :)

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