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By from London

DiscreeT! (27 April 2012)

Love these...they are tiny but so eye catching! they sit flat on the surface...and are great for discreet piercings ;) love! X

By Anonymous

=] (13 June 2009)

This product in my opinion is a much better colour than that of the purple star.
It's also better to get a labret that is shorter so the star is flush against the skin rather than mms from the skin's surface

By Anonymous

Cute! (26 December 2008)

This is such a pretty product. I have it in my Tragus. It is quite difficult to get in. But once in it's really good. And I love the little star!

By Anonymous

love it! (13 December 2008)

brilliant product, better for your teeth and gums and is very discreet unlike a metal one

only down side is they are fun to chew
so mine broke!

By Anonymous

Nice (10 October 2008)

Nice little labret, and the bioplast is alot better than other metal ones i've used (Better for teeth aswell i think)

By Anonymous

Super Cute. (02 April 2008)

I ordered this one. Super cute, and you don't see it very often. =)

By Anonymous

=] (12 October 2007)

have one of these for my lip, the star is tiny hardly noticable great for when i dont want my labret to stand out! the labret is much better than the usually metal ones, doesnt rub againsnt my gums or teeth at all!

By Anonymous

i love this stuff (21 September 2007)

this piece is really comfortable and feels great i would recommend this to anyone its the best labret jewerly i've ever brought

By Anonymous

brillant (02 March 2006)

id have to say this is the best and most comfortable product i have worn i have four children who have been know to hit my lip from time to time and it hurts but with this stud in it dosnt hurt at all this is a brillant product and very easy to wear and put in id recomend anyone to buy it

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