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love it (02 September 2011)

i really love the BioFlex material, it feels great. and the purple stone is lovely! i really like this one!

By Anonymous

=) (12 February 2010)

These are the best studs out there! I like them a lot better than all of the other studs I've had. I got it in a bunch of colors. They help piercings heal quickly & nicely.

By Anonymous

cute (11 February 2009)

i have three tragus piercings, two on one ear, and one on the other, i had trouble with my first tragus piercings, and when i bought these, bio plast studs, it really helped with healing process, and had no problem with it after, its now fully healed!
also its really nice to wear, you hardly notice, its very stylish and cute, and i have brought a variety of colours, so its the same review for each one! lol

By Anonymous

purple labret (12 July 2008)

i had one of these for one of my my helix piercings a while ago. it was really good and very comfy, especially for sleeping on.

By Anonymous

Lips and labrets (30 October 2007)

These Bioplast labret studs are perfect for lips. The gems are elegant and small great for when you need something discrete. I tend to bite my lip bars allot when I'm eating so these ensure I'm not going to crack my tooth by chewing too hard. The backs feel comfortable against gums especially when they are new.

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