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By Anonymous

Definitely a fan! (07 November 2012)

I'm a new convert to bioplast studs, and as such I only got two sets of jewels-- this one, and the Bioplast Labret Stud - Ball - Rainbow ones. The ball jewels are pretty average, but these crystal jewels are truly gorgeous, catching all sorts of flashes and colours- but not so much that it's obnoxious.

They're also the only jewels I could actually get into the studs first try- the rainbow balls and the thread converters both caused me severe frustration for at least 20 minutes before I tried with these babies, and voilĂ , they went in with no issue, and prepped the studs for the other obstinate jewels/converters.

By from Liverpool

fiddly but cute! (21 May 2011)

found this quite fiddly to begin with ( the stem kept falling out and i stabbed myself with the jewel,ouch!) but once it was in it felt so light and comfy i forgot it was there! the gem looks very elegant and subtle, great for when you want to dress up!

By from London

Sparkly!!!! (24 February 2011)

I bought one of these a few weeks ago but only put it in my central labret today. It is super fab! Love the ab stone it is sooo sparkly! The bioplast is really comfy too. I just came back to order another one and saw that its out of stock! *sulk* Hope its back in stock soon! Highly recommended!

By Anonymous

Monroe's diamonds are a girls best friend (19 December 2010)

I was searching everywhere for a tiny diamond to wear in my Monroe. Sadly most were too small &falling through the hole, rubbing & causing irritation...then i found this.

Its JUST RIGHT, i love it.Bioplast studs are wonderful for me, very nice & doesn't rub against my teeth or gums or cause those little indents in my lip.

By Anonymous

Wonderful (24 June 2010)

Got one of these baby's to put in my helix that flares up quite often. It's definitely making it feel better and it looks great too. Love the push fit design too - so easy to change the top!

By Anonymous

Fabulous! (03 April 2010)

Bioplast push fit labret studs... fabulous progress in body jewellery. These are so comfortable to wear, don't rub against your gums / teeth like metal and have such a large range of push fit studs which do not fall off! I'm converted - will not be buying metal again for my labret.

By Anonymous

Great Item (13 February 2010)

This is the perfect stud for me I had lost so many of the screw balls because they are so tiny and my lips are quite big it was really difficult to twist the screws on. With this its so simple and took me just a few seconds to put in couldn't believe how simple and easy it was. It stays in place it's really secure I would defo recommend this stud.

By Anonymous

LOVE IT! (12 February 2010)

I got this stud for my Tragus and I absolutely love it! It's my favorite earring I've had and it's extremely comfortable. The Crystal AB is so cute!

By Anonymous

:) (04 March 2009)

really twinkley and pretty, just the right size, the gem sits in really tight, so i had a bit of trouble get it back out (i change bars A LOT) but i don't have to worry about losing it and it'll probably be something i just get used to, it was so amazingly comfy i didn't feels it at all. it's so worth buying it's great value and just so comfy

By Anonymous

<3 (15 November 2008)

its elegant and rather sophisticated

Its really great!

By Anonymous

Brilliant! (18 April 2008)

I bought this for my helix piercing and it looks great in it! The jewel is the perfect size. Not too small , not too big. Also , the Bioplast material is a lot more comfy than steel :)

By Anonymous

What I was looking for (09 April 2008)

This labret stud is what I was looking for!
It's super cute, cheap, high quality. And bioplast is a great material, your gums will thank you!

By Anonymous

Nice! (02 April 2008)

This is one of my favorite studs to wear. Not only is it super small, but super shiny. I get several comments on how cute this one is. =)

By Anonymous

Just what I needed (01 April 2008)

Soon after getting me lip pierced I chaged my stud and oh my gosh it started rubbing on my gums and making them sore. So I started to look for someing plastic.

Well I found the BioPlast Labret and believe it is wonderful. No more rubbing and my gums are getting better

Also the fact that your can use the BioPlast Labret with threaded studs is great (just buy the converter)!

I highly recommed the BioPlast Labret!

By Anonymous

Fantastic (05 December 2007)

These are fantastic, the crystal AB really catches the light and twinkles. Once it's inside the labret, it won't budge until you give a good tug on it so you don't have to worry about it dropping out.
The bioplast is very comfortable indeed, but don't think about chewing it or it won't last as long.

By Anonymous

discreet (25 October 2007)

I brought one of these labrets for my lip piercing to wear at work since I work in a school. It's so cute and very discreet! I love it so much I wear it all the time now, not just for work. Crystal Ab is alot nicer than plain clear crystal as light brings out different colours within the gem.
They are really cheap for what they are and ever so comfy (bioplast is better for the gums).
The best thing is the gem never falls off so you save money by not having to buy replacement balls!
Highly recommended.

By Anonymous

Perfect for nostrils too! (08 October 2007)

I hate having nostril screws, so I thought I'd try a labret stud instead - It works a treat! My nostril's pierced at 1.2mm, so it's hard to find jewellery in a form other than BCRs anyway.

These are fiddly to get in - probably as it was up my nose! But they're so comfy once in, and the gems sit so tightly there's no chance of losing it.

Fantastic product, with a small enough gem so people don't think it's anything other than a nostril stud. Great buy!

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