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By from Barnsley

Small, cute and easy to change (05 March 2011)

Says it all in the title really!

By Anonymous

pretty (25 April 2010)

The Bioplast products are so much easier to wear & change than normal labret studs - I wear mine in my tragus and this purple heart looks so pretty.

By Anonymous

<3 (16 April 2010)

cute, comfortable and nice to wear. hygenic and good quality. very pleased!

By Anonymous

Bioplast labret stud (04 January 2010)

This product is really comfortable to wear. It is discreet and fits well. The only problem I have with it is that it is easily pulled out by hair brushes. I have lost 3 of the labret stems in the past few days due to them coming off when I brush my hair.

By Anonymous

Cute! (01 July 2009)

I love the hearts, more colours though please!

By Anonymous

Great Product. (14 June 2009)

I really like this product because its small, discreet and easily fitted, as I use this as a nose stud instead of a labret bar. The only problem I have with it is that the jewellery doesn't feel tight when you put it in the bar, but it is quite hard to knock it out.

By Anonymous

:) (15 November 2008)

its really cute and small. Most of the people think its just a mole tho which is good in my case since piercing are not allowed in my school but I still wear it.

By Anonymous

Bioplast Labret Stud Purple Heart (02 June 2008)

This stud is super cute, discreet and comfortable. It gets a big thumbs up from me :D

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