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By from Manchester, England

Very nice (03 August 2013)

These are really nice looking, the heart is not too big and it feels comfy. Hard to get caught on things too, I bought these to go in my tragus piercings and found they were really fiddly to put in and I gave up the first time around but when I did finally get them in I really liked them.

By from sweden

heart-labret (01 November 2012)

Its very small and cute its hard to see that its a heart if ur not really close. Its comfortable and discret, love it =) would have been 10 if it was more clear blue colour!

By Anonymous

cute (26 September 2009)

totaly got this product to replace my lip ring as were wearing down my gum, totaly amazing fit, and looks so cute on never going back, these are just too dam cute!!

By Anonymous

I love the tiny heart! (06 March 2009)

I use the Bioplast push fit labret studs all the time now. Other studs always seem quite harsh and make my piercing really sore but these are fine. Love the heart too!

By Anonymous

Really great item (28 August 2008)

As is usual with the Bioplast range this piece of jewellery is extremely comfortable and stylish. The heart is a flat disc shape meaning it sits really well on the face. It was also reasonably easy to put in and remains very secure. I would recommend this piece for monroe piercings, due to the small size of the heart, as it looks a little understated elsewhere on the lip.

By Anonymous

amazining (16 April 2008)

i got one of these bioplast labret studs to replace my orignal stud as it was rubbing away my gum's omg it really works it feel's so comftable and is really easy to but in, didnt have to fiddly about with it, really have have must!!!

By Anonymous

cute! (17 January 2008)

I originally bought one of these in rainbow for my lip piercing, but when I had a madonna piercing done, I had to buy another one in blue because these are just perfect for it!
The bioplast material is really comfortable as it doesnt rub against teeth or gums, they're easy to fit, (no fiddling about with screwing the end on!) and they look so cute!
I love them so much i'm considering getting one in every colour ^-^

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