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By Anonymous

Labret Sud (24 September 2009)

I love this stud. The bioplast is so comfy. The cone is easy to get and has never fallen out. Shame it doesnt come in other sizes

By Anonymous

Great Bars (17 November 2008)

the bars allow a bit of flexibility which i really like, the spikes are also really easy to get on and off, theyre simply great.

By Anonymous

Woop! (27 August 2008)

Bought two of these as soon as i saw them as ive never been able to wear studs in my lip before becuase the metal used to rub against my teeth when i talked (grrr 4 years of bcrs, booooring).

But i got them, wacked them in and VIOLA! perfect looked great and sooo comfortable!

By Anonymous

:) (02 July 2008)

im really pleased with this product
i have one of these in my ear and it looks great the cone it small enough to wear with all my other jewellery :)

By Anonymous

cute and comfy (17 April 2008)

def. a must!

By Anonymous

A* (17 February 2008)

I've had my labret piercing for a long time, and my gums were starting to recede.. but buying this really helped and theyre slowly getting better, It looks good too- nice and subtle =]

By Anonymous

* * * * * (29 June 2007)

Brilliant product, comfort is unbelievable, best nights sleep ive had since getting my helix pierced! Lovely size, and im not allowed to wear exentric piercings at work so this went down a treat with my boss!!!!!!

Fab product!

By Anonymous

Excellent. (21 October 2006)

These are so easy to get in and out, I love just being able to push the cone in and out.
The cone is titchy as well which is what I like, I don't like Labrets with HUGE balls/spikes etc.
So really good if you want something a bit more subtle and understated.

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