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By from Dublin Ireland

Great retainer (30 March 2016)

I bought this 1.6mm circular barbell stem for use at hospital appointments. I was very happy with it, it was easy to put in and felt comfortable. Best of all I can attend doctors and scans without having to worry about my piercing closing.

By Anonymous

comfy! (13 June 2010)

Bioplast circular barbells are with out a doubt the most comfy jewellery I have ever bought for my helix piercing. Because it is flexible it just bends a little bit and doesnt pull your piercing. 10 stars!

By Anonymous

GREAT! (13 May 2010)

I like this one a lot, because it is very comfy to use in septum, as in the helix.

By Anonymous

Bioplast™ Circular Barbell Stem - 1.6mm (20 April 2010)

This product is so easy to fit, it is so flexible and pain free, it is invisible when tucked up, no one knows i got it in. Ideal product for those who want to hide their peircing.

By Anonymous

bioplast horseshoe (18 February 2010)

wow! bought this for school so i could put it up my nose to hide my septum, it is flexible, so even on a fresh piercing it goes up easily with minimum pain, also very light so i can hardly feel it there, it is half term at the moment but i put it in anyway to see what it was like, and a door only closed on me and hit my face, my first thoughts were; ouch, but then i realised i didnt feel anything, (my septum has only been pierced a week and a day!) i cant imagine the pain of that happening with a metal one, not only does this protect you from rogue doors, it also protects you from teachers, or bosses and it is comfortable to wear, also i was expecting to have to get my threading tool out, it was already threaded! :D

By Anonymous

Recommended! (20 January 2010)

This feels a little strange at first because it is so light, but i would certainly recommend this product, esp if you have a labret piercing. I bought it as the metal ring was wearing my teeth... my dentist will be happy.... and this is far more comfortable. i am also pleasantly surprised how it looks, can hardly see the ring when 4mm silver threaded balls/accessories are attached.

would like more choice of colours in the 1.6mm please!

By Anonymous

great product (03 October 2009)

these are great! I was fed up of waking up with sore patches behind my ears from the butterflies on my 4th piercings, they are so comfy. I got the bigger size cos it's roughly the size of piercing studs, so hopefully my holes won't shink right down like the others! Definatly recommend these.

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