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Great! (09 December 2016)

Got the 1.2mm for work as I had to keep taking out my vertical labret. Looks great, or I should say; It looks like nothing at all!

By from Barrow-in-Furness

Works Great! (13 October 2016)

This product works great, can hardly see I have a piercing. This product does not require the O-rings for my lips but it might be useful for others. Do buy!

By Anonymous from New York, NY, USA

I love it (07 November 2013)

I needed a retainer because my boss was complaining about my Vertical Labret. I couldn't find anything like this in the states. I love it! You can't tell I have a piercing. I can put lipstick over it and everything. The one thing I didn't like was the O rings I couldn't get them on it but I don't really need them. My lips are pretty full and I was able to cut it to the perfect length. So I'm not really worried about it falling out. It's so lightweight I find myself checking to make sure it's still there. Shipping to the US does take about a week or so but I will be ordering more!

By Anonymous

disc retainer (25 April 2010)

so discrete you can hardly tell it's there!

By Anonymous

Vertical labret (08 December 2009)

I use this to hide my vertical labret from my mum. While it doesn't make the piercing invisible, it makes it far less noticable and less 'offensive' looking. I'd recommend keeping some spare o-rings in your bag though, as they tend to pop off a lot.

By Anonymous

BioFlex Curved Flat Disc Retainer (30 November 2009)

Bought this so my trampolining coach wouldn't see my navel piercing and I absolutely love it. Its so comfortable and easy to put in.

By Anonymous

its great! (29 October 2009)

you cant even tell i have a piercing

By Anonymous

Fantastic (20 September 2009)

Bought these for my daughter to put in her nave piercing when doing gymnastics. Has meant that she could continue to train whilst waiting for her piercing to establish. If caught by another gymnast, the retainer simply popped out, rather than risking tearing her piercing. Am ordering more, though, as once they have popped out, they are really difficult to find!

By Anonymous

Great. (15 June 2009)

I bought two of these to hide my rook & anti-tragus piercings and I love them. You can barely tell they're there at all when I have them in which is great. Only thing I would say is that trying to get o-discs onto the retainer when it's in your rook is beyond fiddly. I gave up in the end and used a spare threaded ball.

By Anonymous

Great (11 April 2009)

I got one of these to hide my eyebrow peircing at school and work while it was healing, although it was not 'invisible' it is un-noticable and so had no problems. As its flexable its really comfertable to wear for long periods o time. The only problem i had was getting the rings on the other side at first and so needed to stretch them by putting them onto an existing bar and leaving it for a day or so. appart from that it is perfect.

By Anonymous

=D (09 March 2009)

best £2.50 i ever spent :D

By Anonymous

Invisble... (06 March 2009)

Hardly noticable. I am not allowed piercings at school. So i bought one. No one has seen it yet, unless they know i have my eyebrow done!

By Anonymous

amazing (23 December 2008)

i put it in my lip backwards so the flat disk was on the outside and put a clear o ring on the inside, hides oral piercings great

By Anonymous

(Y) (03 September 2008)

just the thing if you find you cant have piercings at work! easy to cut to size putting the ends on is abit fiddly but over all it would be a great buy for anyone wanting to hide a piercings whether its for work or school

By Anonymous

Perfect fit (19 June 2008)

These a great to hide piercings, they can be trimmed to fit exactly so you can get away with keeping your piercing in for work!

By Anonymous

comfy and convenient (14 April 2008)

i have the doubtful pleasure of working in the kitchen of an old peoples home to fund my university degree. I totally rely on my eyebrow retainers there so comfy i often leave them in after work as i forget their there. They dont heat up in the kitchen so they help reduce the chance of infection from the environment and best of all there so discreet the old people cant see them and moan. They are the best thing i ve ever found by a random accident online i recomend them to everyone as you never know when they will come in handy

By Anonymous

Eyebrow retainer (09 February 2008)

I had this through my eyebrow piercing until my mother made me take it out =[
However, it was really comfy and it I was really surprised when she noticed it- its really discreet.

By Anonymous

Anti-Tragus (06 December 2007)

This retainer is great for disguising anti-tragus piercings. I had to hide mine for work, you cant even tell I've got it in!! I use O rings at the end to keep it in place, and wheyyy its concealed, meaning I get to keep my piercing and work never know i have it done ;]
I'd definatly recommend it to anyone trying to sneekly hide your piercings.

By Anonymous

also.. (13 June 2007)

this is a perfect retainer for a vertical lip piercing, i searched for ages to try and find one and this has worked brilliantly. the flat disc sits on top of the lip and is hardly visible, cut the stem to size and fit a ball or a disc (i found the disc a bit fiddly to get on) and the piercing is cunningly disguised!

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