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By Anonymous

Great stuff (25 June 2014)

I use this to increase the thickness of earrings by pushing the tubing over the wires. Can be tricky to get onto some thicker ones but usually a perfect fit. Can't recommend it enough! Makes earrings feel much more snug and secure

By from Holmen, WI

Ahhh-mazing ! (27 June 2012)

I bought the 100cm barbell figuring I could cut it down to the size I need; as my industrial piercing length isn't a common number. A+ there!

Secondly, I figured that I have an allergy to nickel / surgical steel. After putting in this bioflex barbell, my helix wasn't throbbing! Coincidence? Probably not. And I honestly cannot tell that my industrial is there! TRIPLE A+!!

More pros: SUPER FLEXIBLE! Lightweight.

By Anonymous

Great Product (15 June 2011)

Perfect for putting over the posts of earrings to keep lobes at 1.6mm when wearing normal earrings.
Has a couple of side benefits with fashion earrings too:
Stops allergic reaction to the base metal they use.
Larger surface area means less cheese wire effect and so less chance of ears ripping.

Certainly works on hoops and studs. Means I can wear fashion earrings that my ears used to object to without any issues.

I wish it would bend over standard earring hooks.

By Anonymous

Fab!! (04 January 2010)

Comfortable,easy to clean,light,versatile and very bio compatible.
Perfect as initial jewellery as it can be sterilized and cuts healing times right down!

By Anonymous

awesome!! (16 December 2009)

This product is great.. its so comfty. feels like theres nothing there!!

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