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By from Toronto

Recommend!!!! (02 June 2013)

My goodness!!! :D

The spiral is GORGEOUS!! :D
I had read the reviews after after buying them, haven't not seen them when I first found the spirals but I agree with some people!.
I read that someone I guess had smell ears (I know I did >~<) and the spirals stop that!! WHICH IT DID!!! <3 didn't think it would stop that but it has! easy to clean as well :3

Just seeing them in the mail, they looked so large! but once I got them in (which they easily slipped in) it was love at first sight! <3

They are so light-weight, they don't drag your ear and are just comfortable wearing in <3

Just a wonderful product <3


Amazing! (24 July 2012)

This is my first spiral for stretching and much prefer it to using a taper! Very comfy to wear and an easy stretch from 5mm to 6mm! Will definitely be getting this in larger sizes!


Amazing! (08 November 2011)

I bought one in 14mm and i love it!
It looks huge! :')

By from london

Very stylish (29 May 2011)

very nice to look at, used to stretch from a 5mm to a 6. very very easy to stretch this way and almost painless. healed very quickly

By from Canada

Lovely. (27 May 2011)

It took almost a month for these to arrive, but I think it was worth it. I have a pair in black, and I think I prefer these. They really stand out, and they look great. I will definitely be buying these in bigger sizes.

By from Nottingham

Cool! (17 April 2011)

I used this to stretch to a 5mm and I worked so well, It looks so clean as it is white and it looks really good :D

By from Australia

Best Stretchers (24 March 2011)

These are the best stretchers! I wear them to work and people compliment me all the time on them and other co-workers have started to wear similar ones. Very comfortable when moving up sizes also.

By from Thomas

beautiful and striking (11 February 2011)

i have these in 12mm and they are so big and striking i still wear them through some 16mm earskins definately a must have piece at an amazing price


It has been great! (20 December 2010)

This spiral had been with me for months and I never had any problems with it! Great product!


Nice (06 November 2010)

i love stretching with these types of spiral stretchers, especially when going above 10mm .

By Anonymous

Love 'em! (02 November 2010)

I used these to stretch to 8mm and I absolutely LOVE them! They're really nice to stretch. They look so good in, with a price like this you cannot go wrong! I wear them so much, definitely recommend these to anyone.


Cute (20 July 2010)

This is an AWSM product, I just got them & I'm so happy with them now. I can say the white spiral looks cuter than the black one, cus I bought both of them. And they're super comfortable!

By Anonymous

Real sexy! (06 July 2010)

great product. strong and durable. the white really looks great. really great for strecting.

By Anonymous

:) (02 July 2010)

I've been using these to stretch up from 6mm to 10mm, and will be continuing to use them as they're so comfortable and easy to use and clean, as opposed to tapered spikes.

By Anonymous

Easy stretch! (01 July 2010)

I started out stretching we a spike but I found it uncomfortable and painful.
I then switched to the spiral and found it a lot easier!
It doesn't fall out as much, its not as painful and It looks a lot better!

By Anonymous

Brilliant :) (29 June 2010)

I love this spiral. It's perfect. They look cute, are easy and comfy to wear and cheap. I'm at 10ml now. These are always what i use and recommend. :)

By Anonymous

Aces. (25 May 2010)

I bought one of these for my 10mm lobe, and they're brilliant. I got sick of using tapers that were always uncomfortable to sleep on, but these are perfect.

By Anonymous

Great. (19 May 2010)

These are pretty sweet. I got them for my 4mm holes and they look nice next to my pink 8mm tunnels. They are bright white and seem pretty summery. They fit well and are comfy to sleep in; I hardly notice they are there.

By Anonymous

beauuut (16 May 2010)

i love these! had them in loads of different sizes, wish they went to 20mm!

By Anonymous

Recommened!! (04 May 2010)

I prefer these to tapers for stretching my ear to begin with, as when my taper wasn't fully through my ear i'd often wake up with it on my pillow which is not what you want, but this never happened with these. My only problem was my hair getting caught in them apart from that they look good, very comfortable, and affordable, good buy!!

By Anonymous

Definitely recommended (04 April 2010)

I've used these super-smooth spirals from day one of re-stretching my lobes. The shape of them allows for easy, gradual stretching, and is brilliant in ensuring you don't lose jewellery!

I find them perfect for sleeping in for that very reason, especially for periods of stretching where the hole isn't fully healed and you don't want to wake to find your jewellery's come out in the night and it's impossible to get anything back in!

Bargain price, they still look awesome and a really practical piece for stretching with!

Totally recommended them!!

By Anonymous

great (22 March 2010)

i wear one of these everyday and theyre very comfy. definatly worth the money.

By Anonymous

cool (14 March 2010)

Really comfortable and not too big doesnt get in the way and cant feel it

By Anonymous

:) (14 March 2010)

This product has lasted me for a long time until i changed to a higher gauge. It a really good product :)

By Anonymous

Super comfortable (10 February 2010)

I bought my 8mm spiral probably about 2 years ago now and I'm still wearing it. It's lasted well and it is only now starting to discolour due to my hair dye! It is easy to clean and disinfect, stays in nicely and due to the shape is very comfortable. It is also very light and doesn't weigh my ear down at all. Well recommended to anyone whether you're just starting to stretch your ears or if you want something new to wear in an existing fleshie :)

By Anonymous

lil spiral (06 February 2010)

Great little stretcher, a good shape so easier to stretch with than straights, they don't come with O-rings though, but not a problem as both products are very cheap, and they look good with the glow in the dark ones! :D

By Anonymous

nice (13 January 2010)

Ive got this twice now and both times it was really really easy to get in and comfy to wear and lots of people noticed it when i was wearing it

By Anonymous

wooo (02 September 2009)

this is really great, very comfy to wear and stays in nice, doesnt move or slip out, very cheap to!

By Anonymous

super (29 August 2009)

I love these, I mean I LOVE THEM!

By Anonymous

amazing (01 July 2009)

great to wear comfortable and look amazing i recommend this to anyone looking to stretch there ear

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