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By from South Africa

Great (31 March 2014)

These are awesome to stretch with and lightweight.
Only problem I had is that the inner point rubbed against my lobe creating blood blisters,
Otherwise, awesome all round, Defo recommend them.

By from cardiff

Excellent Spiral (12 July 2012)

Bought this as i'm trying to stretch a 6mm tunnel up to 8mm and didn't want to spend too much money (i have loads of 8mm+ things!). this is perfect - light-weight, smooth and easy to fit. Might need some O rings to hold it in place, but a brillian little thing for the cost.

By from London

Great value for money (18 May 2012)

This product looks really good, I got it in 3mm and even small it still looks good! Very good value for money, delivered quickly. Excellent customer service too as they communicated very well with me when I had a query.


Amazing! (17 March 2012)

Absolutely love these spirals!
I had real problems with stretching using steel crescents that used o-rings even making sure they were clean and well looked after I really struggled for many weeks;
after switching over to these my ears were perfectly healthy again within days and I have sucsessfully stretched up many sizes using these spirals.
I get loads of compliments on them and I love the look and feel, plus they're extemely lightweight.

By from Essex

Brilliant (02 February 2012)

These spirals are great - comfortable and so lightweight for their size! Highly recommended.

By from Latvia

wonderful (10 January 2012)

i like so much :]

By from North Carolina, U.S.

Wonderful! (13 December 2011)

I love these spirals. I was at 10mm, and was a little reluctant to get them in such a large size. (I thought they may look bulky and just not good) I was so wrong! They looked wonderful, I loved them and got many compliments. :)

By from Essex

Excellent!! (06 December 2011)

I have used these many times while stretching my ears and have just bought another to stretch to 16mm. They look great to wear too :) love them!!!

By from Manchester

Awesome !! (02 September 2011)

I just got one of these in the post today and i LOVE it :) Very happy!
This site is awesome!! Thank you!!


Awesome (15 July 2011)

I was reluctant to stretch past 10mm but I seen these and couldn't help my self. They got delivered so quickly and they look awesome in my ears (even though I've still only got them half way in for now, don't want to rip my ear.) Great price and fantastic quality as always.

By from Essex

Great (30 June 2011)

These are great and easy to use for stretching, i have used these for my past 4 stretches and much prefer them to normal straight tapers, really cheap aswel!

By from Bracknell

Great! (24 June 2011)

Ordered one of these Thursday, and as per ace service as always it arrived next day!

LOVE these! I usually buy only one, not cos I'm cheap (!) but so I do one ear at a time so I have a side to wiggle about and sleep on. These are very comfortable and I have never had a problem. If it wont go in all the way, just pop a smaller o-ring on and it stays in place fine.
I have used spirals to get from 12mm to 14mm and now got one to take me to 16mm, where I think I'll stay :)

Cant recommend enough!

By from Canada

Amazing (09 May 2011)

I just received these in the mail after a very long two week wait, and I have to say, I love these. They're so comfortable, I can't even feel them. They look really cool, and weren't too painful to get in. I was able to get one of them in no problem, but the other ear is being a little stubborn, so I just put an O-ring on the back, and I'll have to do it slower. They look great, and are the most inexpensive spirals ever. It was cheaper to buy them from here than it is buying them from the mall. I'd totally recommend these to my friends.

By from Scotland

:) (10 April 2011)

Really pleased with the product. Looks great and is comfortable enough to sleep with in :D

By from Coventry

Awesome product. (31 March 2011)

Must say, I ordered this simple piece of acrylic yesterday morning and it arrived in the post this morning. Took it out of the packet and it fits really nice, it's only a 3mm one though because I'm just starting out with stretching / gauging my ears.

Very comfortable piece of jewellery to wear and definitely looks the part.

Great product, great service from bjs. Thanks a bunch! :)

By from Worthing

Worked very well (16 March 2011)

Been using these up to 16mm and they've never failed me.
Great product and a great price!

By from Nottingham

money well spent (27 February 2011)

These are a great product for stretching your ears as the weight of them pull them into your ear (after a certain point), without them being too heavy to actually wear. Fantastic quality for the price you pay. I love them for their simpleness.

By Anonymous

the spiral has a mind of its own (14 January 2011)

I was expecting to spend much longer stretching with one of these than I actually did, in the end. But the spiral did most of the hard work for me, it's almost as if it *wanted* to go through...These are much easier to wear than straight tapers (I managed to sleep in it, but this might not work for everyone) and you get a cute, lightweight piece of jewellery when you're done. Great price, too.

By from Cheshire

<3 my white acrylic spirals (19 November 2010)

Love them! have had them Agggggesssss and still not bored of wearing them. They are so comfortable and i can sleep in them to which is a bonus :)

By from Lincoln

Stretchy Stretchy ;) (06 November 2010)

Firstly, SO comfortable! I've used these since I started stretching, Apart from my 6mm, 'Cos I spent the most time with those it. So easy to use, And I sometimes forget they're in 'cos they're that light. 10/10 :)

By from Lincoln

<3 (20 October 2010)

Love using spirals to stretch, they look cool to wear as day to day jewellery too. Currently wearing a 12mm and a 14mm, comfortable as ever.

By from Nottingham

Spirally (19 September 2010)

I love spirals and regularly wear a pair of these (in 4mm) in my snakebites. Extraordinarily comfortable and certainly turns heads! Simple yet stylish, large yet light. Full marks!

By from glasgow

Great (02 September 2010)

i got 8mm ones for my ears and the are great, really easy to put it and really comfy to wear.


Awesome! (04 August 2010)

Comfortable, give you the ability to slowly stretch, you dont feel as forced to stretch quicker , one thing i will say is to make sure you have an O ring at the back, because without one, it slowly but surely slips out of your ear without you knowing, thats how comfortable they can be! hehe with that said though i think these are great! I will say aswell that i sometimes prefer using straight tapers for putting jewerly in (steel) straight away as you stretch.
Any which way i think this is an awesome product in any size, ive been using them for most of my stretching, i'm currently at 14mm
and my ears have not torn once!


Black Spiral (21 July 2010)

I bought a pair of 16mm spirals and they look great while being comfortable enough to wear them all day. These look great with almost any gauge (my friend bought a pair of 20mm spirals and they look a bit ridiculous haha.).


Great! (20 July 2010)

FTW (: They look superb, and they're so comfortable that you don't even remember you're wearing them :D

By Anonymous

Cute. (15 July 2010)

I love these things, they sit comfortably next to my 10mm holes. I bought these in a 5mm but also have the white in 4mm, they are great as it feels uncomfy wearing plugs or tunnels next to my first holes that are stretched to 10mm. I highly recomend these; cheap and cheerful.

By Anonymous

5mm (11 July 2010)

Used this for my 5 stretch. Made it really easy, no o rings to mess around with, and i wasn't in a hurry to change it. Looks great, really comfy and easy to insert :)

By Anonymous

Amazing timing (11 July 2010)

These came in the mail yesterday morning. I got so excited when they cam that I quickly washed them and put them in my lobes straight away. Thank you BJS!!

By Anonymous

Brilliant! (26 June 2010)

Received these this morning, and popped it straight it. Looks amazing! Really comfortable, and slipped in easily :)

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