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By Anonymous

good (16 February 2007)

i find the stem a little too short and makes it a little uncomfortable
but ottherwize looks lovely in 20mm stretches

By Anonymous

Alright.... (22 October 2006)

they look awesome, i'm currently wearing TWO 25mm's , and a LOT of people have told me they look great - even those who aren't into piercings!

However at 25mm, i find the rim of the plug uncompfortable on my lobe, noticed this a lot when sleeping on it.

if there still uncompfortable in a week i'll buy some other plugs.

By Anonymous

Great stuff. (21 October 2006)

I have a pair of these and a pair of Darkside eyelets and they look great as a pair of white and a pair of black but they look excellent if you have one black, one white.
I especially like that look because I think they look a bit two-tone which is what I'm into, so it's all good!

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