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By from Buckinghamshire

12MM EARGASM! (20 October 2010)

I ordered a 12MM white tunnel On Tuesday and it arrived on wednesday! Was delighted with the super speedy delivery and the tunnel looks totaly amazing! makes the hole look so much bigger! Will be buying more! ThankYouu Sooooooo much BJS!! <3 x

By from Nottingham

Perfect (19 July 2010)

Cheap, Light, and look great, I had one of these in white at 12mm and the flares and not too big so they look perfect while also enhancing it!

By Anonymous

Can't go wrong with a price like that! (27 June 2009)

A bit harder to get in due to it being flared, but once they're in they look great, almost like a little polo in you're ear!
And for the money you're paying, they are well worth it. Also, the product its too thick as I had them at 8mm and you could see straight through them.

By Anonymous

Not for me. (15 June 2009)

This product, when it was finally in my ear, was great. I never risked losing O rings and I never had to worry about it spontaniously falling out if I turned my head to fast. That's all well and good, but the process of jamming it into my ear was difficult. I had to stretch my ear wider to get this tunnel in the first few times. Granted, it gets easier the more you take them out and put them back in, but I just resided in stretching up to 14mm.

By Anonymous

Good Value (20 April 2009)

They are very comfortable to wear but it was a pain trying to get them in as my ears are only stretched to 8mm.

Overall a good buy for such little money.

By Anonymous

Not so keen on these (13 February 2009)

These a nice for a day, but they are really uncomfy to use to sleep in. They look funky and a cheap which is always handy!
But i would not recommend for a newly stretched ear. If you have a larger stretched ear then I say BUY THEM!
if your still in the under 10mm i think the Picture Plugs are better

By Anonymous

Perfect (28 January 2009)

The flares on the end are a perfect fit not to hard to get in and they are a good size so they dont fit out

higly recomended :)

By Anonymous

white tunnels (27 November 2008)

The wearable length on these isn't too long, so not good if u have thick earlobes. Kind of weird looking jewellery. People have commented that it looks like I am wearing polo mints in my ears, lol. They are a little short for my ears so I don't wear them often. A great buy if u haven't got a lot of money to spend though

By Anonymous

perfeck (26 November 2008)

I love these little things!
not only are they very cheap, they look fantastic.
they are tricky to get into new stretches, but the 2mm flares make sure they dont fall out. I've lost 1mm flare plugs before now so in my view they're just right

By Anonymous

BIGGER THE BETTER (21 October 2008)

basically these plugs just look better the bigger they are, and white really makes plugs stand out
great product

By Anonymous

they look nice (14 September 2008)

i got these they look really smart ,and make it look bigger. but there quite hard to get in .i got them in 12 and i struggled to get them in. :P

By Anonymous

pretty good (08 September 2008)

Not so good for fresh stretches but great otherwise, really bright and hard to miss.

By Anonymous

mostly good (27 August 2008)

Like the other reviews say this is near impossible to get into a new stretch. While I bought this in 6mm the flares go up to 8mm so I had to wait until my ear were a bit more "stretchy" before I could put this in. After that I've no complaints; the large flares mean there's not a chance It's gonna fall out, and basically it looks pretty cool.

By Anonymous

My babies! (06 August 2008)

These were exactly what i was looking for!
They have quite large flares, and are the perfect length, they havent fallen out once whilst i have been sleeping although I would leave these at home if I was going to a concert.

I havent one complaint thus far.

By Anonymous

- (02 July 2008)

Had these in 10mm, just after i stretched up. Not good earrings for wearing in a fresh stretch as theyr pretty hard to get in because of teh large flares. But look good once your ear has healed.

By Anonymous

Not Bad (04 June 2008)

First off i would not get these if you are putting them into a new stretch, wait for it to get used to the new size before you put these in, the flare on both sides make it ridiculously hard to get out when the skin on your lobe has not had time to adjust to the new size. In a mature stretch they do look really good though so if you want another type of tunnel for your current stretch i would recommend these.

By Anonymous

White Heat (21 May 2008)

They werent quite as "White" as i assumed they would be going by the picture (they have a sort of glow about them) but that isnt much of a problem as they make up for that by being possibly the most comfortable i have come across,i had it in at 8mm and ive bought them again for 10mm and 12mm,they fit very comfortably and stay in well. Also they are very noticeable and as they are flared make your stretch look slightly larger!

I would recomend these to anyone looking for simplcity with style :D

By Anonymous

iffy (12 May 2008)

it is a good tunnel cause it goes straight it but it also comes out when sleeping so good and bad

By Anonymous

pure greatness (08 May 2008)

love these, went straight in even tho id only just stretched em upto nxt size, there so compfortable to wear and not heavy at all. thumbs up all round!!

and the price is briliant!!

By Anonymous

Yes and No (01 May 2008)

I had these in when my ears were at 6mm they were good and hardwearing , but I always felt they were very thick and didn't show my ears off very well.

By Anonymous

Eyelet (05 April 2008)

Really good product, better than the original tunnels i had as these are a bit thinner so make the hole look a lot bigger than they are

By Anonymous

These are awesome (17 March 2008)

I love these things, easy to fit.
No faffing about with end bits.


Cheap toooooo!

By Anonymous

tricksy (05 March 2008)

I had difficulty getting these in, maybe it was just me, but they seem a few mm bigger than they say they are. And I don't mean cos of the flaring.

Once I got the buggers in though, absolutely no complaints, they look amazing and they're incredibly comfy! Even my boss complimented me on them, and he normally hates my choice of jewellery!!

By Anonymous

niice! (05 February 2008)

Love these eyelets as they look great in stretched peircings.

Very easy to get in and out, and make ur stretching look alot bigger.

Very cheap too, which is always good.

By Anonymous

Fantastic! (03 February 2008)

I love these tunnels, they're so much nicer than metal ones, and even the darkside ones.
A little hard to get in, I had to stretch up a little with an insertion pin, but with a little lubrication they just dropped in.
And once they're in they won't be dropping out like plugs with no flares tend to. And so much easier than messing around with o rings.
I was a little worried that once they were in I wouldn't be able to get them out, but they just pop out nice and easy when I want them to.
Plus they're cheap!

By Anonymous

beautiful tunnels (13 January 2008)

absolutley quality
cheap as anything and look fantastic

even in the smaller sizes they make the hole look even bigger :]

love em!!!

kinda hard to get in though as its double flared

but over all definately worth it :]

By Anonymous

These Are Great (13 October 2007)

These are my favourite tunnels, they look great and come in a great range of sizes, and best of all the prices are very reasonable. A top product and i reccomend them to anyone who is thinking of getting some.

By Anonymous

amazing :) (02 October 2007)

these are one of my favourite items on the whole site :)

they look amazing in 30mm and as soon as my second lobe piercing is at 10mm i'll be buying one of these too :)

they also contrast any black jewellery really well too

highly recommended to anyone, especially in the larger sizes, they really stand out and look great

By Anonymous

white eyelets (02 October 2007)

i think these eyelets look really cool, i have an 8 mm lobe and these look really good,

i'd recommend them to anyone, and they feel really comfortable and look huge!

10 stars all the way

By Anonymous

(: (24 July 2007)

These little tunnels are quite cool (:
Nothing amazing though, i only have 8mm holes and they make my stretch look smaller if anything. But if you have bigger holes or are using them between stretches then go for it.

They were a little akward gettin in the first time i tryed but they're fine now. I supose you cant go wrong with these at this price.

7 stars.

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