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By Anonymous

good buy (20 March 2011)

love them. really eye-catching, but still simple and neutral. :D
also, very lightweight, and the length is just right for my ears. just perfect, especially at this price!

By Anonymous

Fav tunnels (29 June 2010)

I bought one of these ready for my 10mm stretch and i couldnt wait to put it in, soon as my 10mm stretch healed i put this in straight away i love it it one of the best tunnels i own and the screw on back is very good nice and easy to get in, im ordering another one for my right ear now

10/10 from me brilliant product

By Anonymous

Awesome (21 May 2009)

Screw on back so useful, stay in during gigs etc.

Look great, feel great and good value for money, probably one of my favourite tunnels

A must have tunnel!

By Anonymous

nice (20 January 2009)

I bought a pair of these and was very pleased with the product. Comfortable to wear, easy to clean and a nice change from steel/titanium.

By Anonymous

Great product. (06 September 2008)

Recomended very much so.

Pretty comfortable, got a pair of 16mm's
Very easy to put in and make the hoe look a bit bigger.

Must have product.

By Anonymous

Fantastic value (22 July 2008)

Bought 2 of these at 12mm, awesome style and really light, can barely feel them but they're definately noticeable to the eye.
Went in easily and have had no problems taking them out, the back screws on and off without hassle. Best tunnels yet.

By Anonymous

brilliant... (11 January 2008)

i bought 2 of these in 6mm and, although they make my hole look a bit small, they are so comfy and dead easy to put in.

great value for money.

By Anonymous

Great tunnel (14 October 2007)

a superb tunnel

very comfy, i hardly feel them

they also make your hole look bigger

but i find it sticks sometimes, but twisting it every now and then sorts it out

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