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By Anonymous

Well Comfy (16 January 2008)

these are really comfy, really light that you don't even feel them in your ears, just great

By Anonymous

double flared (29 November 2007)

bought these a while back, there brilliant not only are they cheap but soo comfy to wear and they dont fall out in bed.
and they look great.

By Anonymous

Amazing tunnels (28 November 2007)

these are probably the best tunnels around. i brought a pair for my 8mm stretch, and their so comfy, easy to insert, and cheap too!

By Anonymous

Good Tunnels (13 October 2007)

these tunnels are well worth the money and more

difficult to put in the first of course

but once in there as stubborn as hell, in a good way.

i knew they weren't going anywhere

i have one these in my 10mil and i can't tell if it makes it look smaller or not either way great buy

By Anonymous

(: (24 July 2007)

These little tunnels are quite cool (: I have them in white aswell and the black ones look way better i'd say.
Nothing amazing though, i only have 8mm holes and they make my stretch look smaller if anything. But if you have bigger holes or are using them between stretches then go for it.

They were a little akward gettin in the first time i tryed but they're fine now. I supose you cant go wrong with these at this price.

8 stars.

By Anonymous

GREAT! (09 March 2007)

These are the only tunnels I ever wear, I love them sooooo much! Theyre cheap, look awesome, comfortable, dont fall out and are easy to fit! had one in my 8mm then when i went up to 10mm and now got some to go up to 12mm (cept u sent me one 12mm and one 10mm! :( ) and also hav a tiny 4mm one which is sooo cute! :P

By Anonymous

I love these. (21 October 2006)

I have a pair of these and a pair of Whiteheat eyelets and they look great as a pair of white and a pair of black but they look excellent if you have one black, one white.
I especially like that look because I think they look a bit two-tone which is what I'm into, so it's all good!

By Anonymous

Nice cheap Tunnel (16 August 2006)

Nice and cheap tunnel, ideal for using between stretching, little difficult to put in 1st time but does look good and feel comfy once in. Would recommend.

By Anonymous

Good, cheap tunnels (08 July 2006)

These tunnels are great temporarily if you are planning on moving to a bigger gauge, or if you're sticking with the gauge size but cannot afford something expensive. Looks great as well, would definatly recommend. Great service too :o)

By Anonymous

Good for the stretching process (20 June 2006)

I bought a pair of these at 6mm - they aren't the best looking tunnels I've seen, but they are very cheap, so would make good temporary jewellery if you're on yor way up to a larger guage.

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