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By from england

amazing (23 September 2012)

This is one of the best tunnels ive had the feel of it is so confortable it sometimes feels like its not even there the flare is good not too harsh and the size of the hole is a deccent size its not like too small to have a point. I absolutley love this have it in my 12mm

By Anonymous from dallas, texas

awesome (21 January 2011)

got these in 1/2"
great plugs, really light and comfortable, doesnt get my ears all stinky, and came in a week
great buy!

By from North West

Brilliant (04 December 2010)

Super fast delivery and I've had so much trouble with these in the past from other places they were always just stubborn and the material just didn't like to fit into a piercing stretched previously to the size of the tunnel. This one however, which I got next day even though it's nearly Christmas and the weathers been awful, just went right in easy as. Definitely worth it.

By from Essex

CHEAP AS CHIPS (20 November 2010)

I've got an 8mm hole and this product slides in and out perfectly without any hassle or pain but yet still stays in with the curved surface.
Would have liked the tunnel a bit thinner, but at just £2 i cant complain!
Must buy item right here!!!

By Anonymous

Black :) (19 August 2009)

I have those in 4 & 6mm and I really like them on my left ear :D
( but they are quite difficult to get in ! )

By Anonymous

Darkside Black Acrylic Double Flared Eyelet. (03 July 2009)

omg!! this is the most amazingly comfortable ear plug i have got it looks great feels great and good value for money

By Anonymous

10 mm (10 June 2009)

These rock! they look amazing and are comfortable, really worth it, and they're cheap! Best of both worlds haha! It takes loosened up stretches because the flare is kinda big, but once they're in, they're perfect.

By Anonymous

30mm (29 May 2009)

i purchased these a while back and find them easy to put in and very light.

By Anonymous

8mm, (16 May 2009)

i got these the other day, i didn't find them too difficult to put in as some the reviews have said, i find if you out them in at a bit of an angle they go in quite easy, nice and light and easy to wear

By Anonymous

good (24 April 2009)

Difficult to get in but once its in it looks great and is comfortable

By Anonymous

Nice (16 February 2009)

Oj i bought these to put into my 12mm ears once they had healed. I got them and tried to put them in straight away, after lots of lube they were in. After a few weeks i realixed that my ear had been stretched by the flares. This was a plus i guess, but i had to buy new jewellry soon after because they kept falling out. All in all this is a good product and they were really nice and light weight to wear !

By Anonymous

size purchased: 19mm (24 December 2008)

I love these. I'd previously bought them in a smaller size, so when I stretched my ears 19mm they were a must to buy. Great value for money and really comfortable. The flares on these are a little on the large size, so if you've just stretched your lobes I wouldn't recommend them. But awesome for healed lobes.

By Anonymous

Amazing (01 October 2008)

These tunnels are really nice they fit very comfortable and make your ears look amazing!!!

By Anonymous

Super! (20 August 2008)

I just love these. They're smooth and easy to wear. Highly recommended!

By Anonymous

(Y) (30 July 2008)

cheap and simple but look great!

By Anonymous

Cool (23 July 2008)

Really amazing product
For the first time since I'm wearing stretches someone told me she liked it, moreover they're pretty comfortable but the first time you try to put them on they are pretty hard to fit in

By Anonymous

value for money (03 July 2008)

fantastic value for money even if you dont need anymore tunnels get some as spare, they are cheap enough and theres absolutly no negative reason for them to be so cheap

By Anonymous

just in case you lose them (26 June 2008)

I have a few of these coz i seem to always lose them when i'm out and about. They're great value for money and look good too, get some for festivals etc coz you never know when they're gonna just pop out!

By Anonymous

love it (01 June 2008)

i got loadsa these an there wel comfy

By Anonymous

amazzzzzzzing (17 May 2008)

these are just great, bit hard to get in first time when the stretch is fresh but after a while their fab

i still prefer silicon ones myself but if your on a budget these are just fine

By Anonymous

i love these! (16 May 2008)

I bought the 10mm size, they're really comfortable, especially to sleep in. Such great value as well.

By Anonymous

omg (21 April 2008)

this product is amazing and fells good comfy best buy i think cheap easy and cool i have bought it 5 times in different sizes im happy every time with it

By Anonymous

:) (10 April 2008)

these tunnels look nice and simple. cheap too.

i have them in 4mm, 6mm and 8mm. i wear 6mm in now . it was tricky getting it in at first but i like the simple, clean look of them.

By Anonymous

Brilliant (05 April 2008)

simple and perfect, really easy to place and a really good look to them.

By Anonymous

Awesome (26 March 2008)

These tunnels are so good, they are light, comfortable and cheap

By Anonymous

Brilliant (24 March 2008)

I have this one at 8mm and i found it was really easy to get in and it doesnt fall out like some of the other things that I have had in my ears. I think it looks really good and it nice not to have to fuss with o rings.

By Anonymous

rockin' (05 March 2008)

I have one black and one white in atm, this one looks the nicest!
Tricky to get in cos of the flared edge, but once it's in, it's incredibly comfy and looks great. Even my boss approves of these (compared with my usual spikes anyway) but they do look fantastic.
A bit hard to insert, but worth the effort - don't forget to lube!!

By Anonymous

Really comfy (11 February 2008)

These are probably some of the lightest and comfiest tunnels apart from the silicon skin tunnels.
Very cheap, very good value for money, if you're looking for a tunnel that not only looks good but is cheap too, this is the one.

By Anonymous

Perfect (08 February 2008)

These are great. And so cheap.
And sooo easy to get in, great choice of sizes aswell.

By Anonymous

Brilliant (03 February 2008)

Really comfortable once in, but they were a little difficult to insert; I had to use an insertion pin to get to the next size, but once I'd done that they just fell in with a little lubrication. And once they're in they're in. They wont be dropping out like plugs without flares tend to.
Plus they're cheap!

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