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By from glasgow

great (02 September 2010)

Got a 8mm pair of these for my ears, i find them really easier to out in and they are really comfy to wear.

By Anonymous

AMAZING. (14 April 2010)

this is one of the best products i have bought. i needed something to wear to work and this is perfect. very comfortable and safe too.

By Anonymous

Okay (09 November 2009)

These aren't quite as thin as the silicone eyelets but they're still good. Comfy to wear and they make your stretch look bigger.

By Anonymous

:) (06 May 2009)

I have this in 8mm it looks pretty good i mostly use it when i know i might risk loosing my more expensive plugs eg. mountain biking, etc...
Because they are so cheap its always good to have a few lying around.
9 starts because the flares are pretty big and not super easy to get in
otherwise would have got 10 stars

By Anonymous

epic (12 April 2009)

a little bit tricky to get in at first, due to the flared sides, be warned that you will have to stretch a further mm or so to actually fit the tunnel in, but with enough vaseline and brute force this isn't an issue.

By Anonymous

XD (06 February 2009)

This was one of the first tunnels I brought for my 10mm lobe, at the time I was broke so for the price you get a great great tunnel! I brought this one because it is clear, and with still being at school it really hie my piercing I didn't get stopped once about it!

By Anonymous

Beautiful! (11 December 2008)

Nicest tunnels about! I just got these and i love them! look really nice and feel better. Theyre very lightweight and they dont irritate the skin of your ear at all. 10/10!!!!

By Anonymous

.. (10 December 2008)

gotta admit - they do make your stretches massive! but i didnt like it in mine, was very uncomfortable and it jumped from 19mm to 25mm and at the time i was at 22mm, so i i culdnt use it in the end, and if i did it would just screw my lobe up.

By Anonymous

Amazing (07 October 2008)

Just got this flesh tunnel for both my ears and what can i say WOW!! they look so amazing!!!! My girlfriend really likes them too!!!

By Anonymous

Bargain (11 August 2008)

The spacers are amazing i previously ordered them in 8mm and have ordered them again now in 12mm because these are so great, the are easy to fit as long as your stretch isnt too new and they look great.

By Anonymous

mad my mum angry (28 July 2008)

oh yes, been stretching for 7 months now, i see my parenst every week and my dear old mum has not said a word - I put in some 10mm acrylic eyelets and my mum goes spare! - these babies make your holes look huge!
"you are nearly 30 and you do such childish things...blah blah blah"
Gotta love your parents. :)

By Anonymous

OMG! (28 July 2008)

I love these! They look great and not over the top. Simple but georgous ^_^ .

Plus lovely and cheap as i like to change them very often! lol


No downside!

By Anonymous

great (14 July 2008)

this tunnel is ideal if u like to scare people with ur holes :P and a much better altenative to silicone ones because of the price

By Anonymous

love (12 June 2008)

I love thie flesh plug it's great.

By Anonymous

(Y) (03 June 2008)

these are great but i prefer silicon.


By Anonymous

Clear Acrylic Double Flared Eyelet. (13 May 2008)

These are pretty good, I bought two, one for each lobe. They look good in the ear, which I'm happy about, they fit perfectly, feel nice, stay in well, though when you're sleeping they could fall out, so replace them during the night.

Cheap, nice, well worth it!

By Anonymous

I love it! (05 May 2008)

this product works really well with my ears and its super light which is a plus. it makes your stretch lok so good!

By Anonymous

Amazing! (26 April 2008)

These look amazing and massive. I got mine in 30mm and the clear design looks so fresh. Obviously a bit of a pain to get in because of the flares, but a lib of lubricant and it went in fine :)

By Anonymous

=] (28 January 2008)

Got 1 in 14mm the flares arent too big, does fall out when I sleep, but it still looks great.

By Anonymous

These tick all the right boxes. (28 January 2008)

Got these for my 10mm and 12mm. They are ideal if you want to understate your stretch for work etc.(assuming you're not stretched to deformity). They still show off the stretch up close. So it's pretty much a dual purpose product - hides and shows off! Lightweight, comfy and cheap. One of the best buys on this site.

By Anonymous

Lightweight. (15 January 2008)

These are extremely lightweight and comforatble, and also really cheap. £2!

By Anonymous

High quality on a low budget (11 August 2007)

These are very lightweight & comfortable.

By Anonymous

Great for work. (21 October 2006)

I wear a pair of these at work and they have absolutely no problem with it.

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