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By from nkt

epic (23 March 2011)

ilove this i got up to a 8mm now at a 10mm but while i was at 8mm i brought this for school mainly for the price but when i got them they look sick but they are realy nice to wear


By from Andover

beautiful bargain (11 February 2011)

these plugs are so nice and simple, the flare on them are just right, the finish is good and they look so clean and stricking in ear, every collection needs a pair of these and the quality is outstanding for the price

By from Hawick

good buy (27 January 2011)

i was really impressed with these plugs there light, comfortable, look good and not to mention the price is great.

These are a must have.


GREAT (23 September 2010)

like everyone says, those are the most awesome and amazing plus ever!
so smooth and went in very easily!

love my 22mm

By Anonymous

flared plugs (09 August 2010)

these are very comfortable, light, and smooth. i love them!!

By Anonymous

there perfect. (07 June 2010)

These not only look good but they feel great in. I didnt find them hard to get in at all and they stay in easily :) i wear these alot because they go with most of my things

By Anonymous

very nice (05 May 2010)

have pairs of these in white, black and clear (16mm) and its very easy to change them. really very comfortable too.....i dont have fat ears though. highly recommended

By Anonymous

Good for me (08 March 2010)

These fit perfectly. however, i bought them for my girlfriend who has thicker ears, and although she loves them, she says she wished they were thicker. but fast delivery and cheap as this site always is =]

By Anonymous

awesome! (07 March 2010)

These plugs are so awesome that I'm just about to buy a second pair!
They look really 'retro' for some reason.
I have them for 8mm and they go in nicely (though they tend to fall aout while sleeping) and they are a very tight fit. (not recommended for people with thick ears tho.)
Now I'm buying them in 14mm since I miss wearing them way too much. =)

By Anonymous

Very nice! (19 February 2010)

These things are a great alternative to the tunnels, as they are a lot more subtle, and people tend to not notice them so much, so they're really great for school/weddings etc.

Very easy to put in, and take out, and very comfortable to wear ( :

By Anonymous

Acrylic flesh plug (06 February 2010)

Ace! very light weighted, very comfy, fantastic price too, and looks brilliant, im very tempted to but a black pair of these, and they are not shunned upon at school! :D

By Anonymous

v nice (05 February 2010)

good plug, easy to get in and at an amazing price! must have

By Anonymous

Good Plug (22 January 2010)

These plugs are well worth the price shown however they do tend to make your ear smell more than usual.

By Anonymous

Cool Buy :) (10 December 2009)

Really good to wear. A plain but really cool looking colour, and when i go to night clubs with the UV lights and black lights, they glow up cos they're white :D

Good buy! :)

By Anonymous

Brilliant! (13 October 2009)

I bought a pair of these both at 20mm. They are quite plain but still nice to look at. I found them very easy to put in and have found no discomfort while wearing them, not even while sleeping. They are also very easy to clean and the price is great.

By Anonymous

Quality (20 July 2009)

Bought one of these for my 10mm, a little difficult to get in when freshly stretched but after a few days go in just fine.

Looks awesome, comfortable and won't fall out!

By Anonymous

Flares too small (10 July 2009)

Comfy to wear but only flared out to 1mm, sometimes falls out when im asleep. would be better if flared 2mm

By Anonymous

Great product (30 June 2009)

I got this in a 10mm. The flare was a bit big and i had to wait a while before i could use them but it meant that it wasnt fallin out of my ear while i slept or anything. very happy with this product and the price is very good :) thanks BJS

By Anonymous

8mm (16 May 2009)

these are great, they look cool, easy to put in and comfy to wear, and they are cheap too, which is always a bonus.

By Anonymous

Great plugs (24 April 2009)

very comfy to wear,
great for value too!

By Anonymous

Great (07 February 2009)

Great plug really comfy to wear

By Anonymous

Great Item! (21 January 2009)

These plugs are great!

Really comfortable to wear, doesnt even feel like your wearing them! and no stinky lobes!
Brilliant value for money too! cheapest plugs i've ever bought. Much cheaper than the high street! I would definately recommend getting a pair of these!

By Anonymous

brilliant (20 January 2009)

fantastic value for money , easy to fit . makes stretch look big!
would deffinatly by more!

By Anonymous

international (26 November 2008)

i'd rather buy jewelery at Body Jewewley Shop than buy here in Brazil.
All jewellery are beautiful, take about 8 days to receive and beyond everything, its very cheap!!

By Anonymous

love love (02 October 2008)

These are the sweetest little things (I have 6mm) !!!!!!! They're so cute, they actuslly look like little sweets or something !!! I've seen a lot of white plugs with balck o rings before but never double flared ones which look so much better !!! Defo would reccommend... so cheap too !!

By Anonymous

Sexy! (19 September 2008)

These plugs look so damn good in my ear haha
absolutely quality price.
came pretty quick aswell!
they are really easy to get in and out of your ear if you've been that size for around 2-3 weeks.

By Anonymous

rare white (03 July 2008)

pretty uncommon to see solid white plugs
big reason to get them really the other huge reason would be the price,
so cheap!

By Anonymous

Good (22 June 2008)

Very good product
Stayed in nicely
Prefer it in white than in black, less common!
I would recommend it to be honest

By Anonymous

LOVE <3 (15 June 2008)

I love these, they're amazing and they feel great. My only problem was they fell out when I slept. But other than that they were great =D If I stretch up anymore, I'm definatly buying another pair!

By Anonymous

boss. (12 June 2008)

These are so cool and look amazing.

But I prefer them in black.

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