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By from Newton Abbot

So pleased! (25 December 2012)

I bought these plugs to get me back up to 40mm as silicone tunnels had ruined my ears, these are lightweight making them very comfy to wear, and they look good in! Very pleased with my purchase and will be buying my plugs from Body Jewellery Shop from now on :)

By from Wales

Nice plugs (03 May 2011)

My misses bought these for me as a little gift and when I seen them they looked awesome so I put them in straight away and they made my stretch look pretty big for a 10mm!!

Im stretching to 14mm and I'll be buying another pair as they are very nice light plugs that are comfy to wear


You can customize them! (14 January 2011)

They are one of my favorites, because they are easy to get in and out and cleaning is easy, too. But one of the greatest advantages is that you can customize them by using nail polish of your prefered color on one side. Than you can choose whiche side you insert first into your lobe for two different visual appearances.

By Anonymous

Clear PMMA Plugs (20 March 2010)

I bought these simply for a cheap piece of jewellery that won't irritate my ears, but I got so much more. They look incredible in your ears, like they turn purple next to flesh and they are very comfortable, the perfect thickness for my ears, which are quite fleshy. Overall, these are like the basis of any good plug collection, a simple, hard wearing piece that looks amazing being worn.

By Anonymous

:) (10 March 2010)

just bought these, i've struggled trying to get them in, they're bigger than my stretcher and just wont go in at the moment.. but i'm sure once i do eventually get them in they'll look nice :) and cheap too!

By Anonymous

ok (02 March 2010)

Got these in 30mm, they're too thin for my big earlobes, but they really look cool!

By Anonymous

Amazing Plugs! (19 February 2010)

These Have To Be The Best Plugs I Have Ever Bought Very Comfy Attracts Alot Of Attention Too

By Anonymous

awesome (05 February 2010)

good plug, looks sick, very cheap and amazing service from bjs

By Anonymous

Amazing (31 January 2010)

This plug is amazing, looks class, I would defo get more when i stretch up

By Anonymous

Great plugs (28 January 2010)

Just got them yesterday, as soon as i put them in i had a huge smile on my face, they're too good. i didn't struggle getting them in even tho im a 14 and the flares are 16, went in fine. They make your ear size look even bigger also, definately gonna get some more.

By Anonymous

Nice plugs (22 January 2010)

These plugs are really nice i liked them alot i would definatly recommend buying them.

By Anonymous

my last purchase! (16 December 2009)

got these a week or so ago and absolutely love them. will definitely get another pair when i stretch up :)

By Anonymous

Sweeeeeet! :) (10 December 2009)

Really cool style, cos you can sorta look through them and they make your lobe look bigger than it is :)

Top Banana :)

By Anonymous

28mm (19 November 2009)

I am very pleased with this product. I am 15 years old and have been into ear stetching for the past year. I managed to get my ears to 26mm and I ordered these in a size 28mm. It took awhile to get them in, but they are worth it. They look real nice, and are quite comfortable. The only real flaw is that the plugs are really thin, not leaving so much room for the lobe itself. So i have to occasionally have to put my lobe in line with the plug, but other than that it's a great piece of jewerly for a a great price :) When the light hits it, the plug turns into a purplish/blue color. It looks pretty cool :)

By Anonymous

Awesome (10 October 2009)

Well i can but repeat what others have said, it's a fantastic product at a very reasonable price.

Subtle to wear everyday, but actually makes your stretch look nice and big!
I love how it's like a tunnel, but not quite- just a little different.

By Anonymous

It's a hole! (01 August 2009)

Got this for a while now at 8mm, and it never fails to elicit comments from people. It's subtle enough to wear but what people notice most is not the jewellery, but the size of your piercing! As the title says, the jewellery accents your piercing and people (at least the ones who I interact with daily), comments on how they "see through" my ear. In a funny way, it acts like a tunnel, despite being a solid plug.
Downside, though, is that once you've got this for a while (i guess with every flared plug as well), your ear gets used to it and could easily fall out after a while - probably an indication that you're due for another stretch ;)

By Anonymous

dude look at that (16 June 2009)

amazing product look really amazing people keep noticing it and everybody are like wow fucked up i like those are really great.
Confy and stylish at that price dont pass by

By Anonymous

Fantastic (28 January 2009)

These are of the highest quality and look and feel amazing. I use these for work and they are great. In daylight they go a slight purplely colour which i really like but inside with artificial lighting (where usually your boss will be) they are great and don't draw attention to your lobes at all. I usually get these when I go up a size as they are very comfortable and LOOK AT THAT PRICE!!! you can't go wrong!


By Anonymous

Cant go wrong, so cheap! (27 December 2008)

These plugs are great value for money! A little tricky to get in due to double flare but comfy once in. They look good and make your hole look bigger than it is!

By Anonymous

worth a look (14 September 2008)

very cool piece of jewellery, especially if you're not keen on wearing o-rings. very comfortable to wear and secure once it's in. due to this piece being double flared, it is quite difficult to get in if your stretch is relatively new, so maybe better wait til your stretch is maybe a few weeks old and goes in easy :)

By Anonymous

MUST HAVE (14 August 2008)

These spacers are amazing, they are really comfy and look great, the lights shines through them lush. dont fall out when you sleep. for £2 there amazing

By Anonymous

Those wonderful ear pearls... (29 June 2008)

Well, for £2 why the hell not.
They look REALLY cool when the light shines through them, and given the absence of O-rings they sometimes just look like a watter bubble in your ear lobe!
What you have to realise is that the size in mm stated is the internal, and the external is about 1mm bigger, so you will stretch your ear slightly to put it in, but what's 2 minutes of soreness for such an item!

By Anonymous

Thumbs up (25 June 2008)

These really show off streched ears well. They look really cool when the sun shines through them and it gives the affect that your not even wearing sometimes which is amazing.

By Anonymous

mint (06 May 2008)

these do exactly what it says on the tin
and for the price you cannot go wrong

ive got them in 12mm and 10mm
and they work great no problems what so everr

must have :D

By Anonymous

I finally (08 April 2008)

Got them in because of the slightly large flare and they are the most amazing plugs ever.
My ears don't smell nearly as bad with these in and I adore them.

Super pretty for the right price.
Gonna buy a pair in Black and White too...

By Anonymous

Look brilliant (05 April 2008)

These plugs look really good in my lobes, arnt going anywhere with the flare on them, bought them in a 6mm and look and feel really nice

By Anonymous

Wow. (13 February 2008)

Prettiest clear plug ever.
I love them and once my ear can get around the flare they will never come out.
Thanks to them, I am done stretching, they are that amazing.

By Anonymous

Who said flares were dead!!!! (09 February 2008)

As far as flared plugs go these are the best in my opinion, i usually go for black but am over the moon with my new clear plugs!!!, they are a bit more discreet for work too!!! :)

By Anonymous

11/10 (17 January 2008)

i love it to bits.
i bought 1 in clear and black for my 6mm lobe.
they look great and feel great.

as long as you don't mind flared plugs you will love this to bits!
i will say again..

- a must buy if you ask me :D all you'll ever want

By Anonymous

clear flared plug (17 January 2008)

These are a great price and mega comfortable to wear. They really show off the piercing, and when they're in, you just forget that they're there!
I've always avoided double flared plugs cause I didnt think I could fit them, and also was worried I wouldn't be able to get them back out again once I had. But i've had no problems with these. The only thing I would warn against is putting them in too soon after stretching. I tried this and realised the piercing hadn't healed properly, so it wouldnt go in. But I just left it a bit longer before trying again, and now they go in and out with no trouble at all.
These look amazing especially when they catch the sunlight. You can see through the piercing completely which is quite striking and different to any tunnel jewellery i've ever come across!

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