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By from Dublin Ireland

My go to plugs (30 March 2016)

I order these plugs in black and white. I love them they are my go to plugs and wear them a lot. I find them easy to put in and comfortable to wear. I like to take them out at night to clean. I would highly recommend these. They are like that stable item in your wardrobe you keep going back to wearing.

By from Aus

Simple yet elegant (07 June 2012)

These are fantastic if you want a lightweight, simple look. They are good for work, interviews, more professional situations etc. Easy to put in, and can't even feel them!

By from portugal

perfect (02 April 2012)

these are real comfy. bought them in 32mm and daaaaamn, perfection ! and super quick delivery too, im stocked ! <3

By from London

Great! (15 March 2012)

These are really good plug there really light and you cant feel them when there in your ear. Overall an excellent buy and well worth the money!!


Amazing (29 December 2011)

these are PERFECT. They fit perfectly well, no infection, very comfortable I sometimes forget I'm wearing them. I can't even find anything to criticise even if I wanted to. Great value for money. Would recommend these all the way.

By from North Carolina, U.S.

Love! (13 December 2011)

I love these. They are light, you barely notice you have anything in. They are also such a great price, I wish all plugs were this cheap!

By from Kettering

Great Value (03 December 2011)

I bought these in 10mm they're really easy to just slide in and are nice and lightweight too! such great value at only £2 each! will definitely be buying the white ones! Delivery is so quick too I only ordered them yesterday and received them this morning. Will definitely be buying my jewellery from here in the future.


Pretty good. (12 October 2011)

I got one of these in 20mm and it looks pretty smart, I think they will look better in bigger sizes than smaller sizes though. I'll be buying 2 more once i get both my ears up to 26mm.

By from Australia

Great! (24 June 2011)

I bought these in 22mm and they're pretty much perfect! Although, I have pretty thick earlobes and they don't quite sit right. I'm going to put up with them though, because really, they're just lovely.

By from London

Awesome Product As Always! (08 June 2011)

Ive bought about 6 or so products from here, always a fast delivery and ALWAYS a perfect item :D
I just love this shop!

By from Wales

nice plugs (21 April 2011)

iv got a set of these in 14mm they are really light and the flare aint big so they slide into the lobes nicely without any effort at all,
getting a set in white these are so nice to wear and look good

By from bedfordshire

simple (19 March 2011)

really simple product, nice and cheap and looks great for when you can't be bothered to fiddle with screwing in some tunnels

going to get more with different designs on

By from Michigan, USA

Look sharp and professional (10 February 2011)

These are my everyday work plugs. They go in easy every morning and look sharp in the professional setting where I work. For the price, these NEED to be in your collection.

Also, I can't believe how fast the shippings was to me here in the U.S.! BJS is my #1 shop for jewelry!

By from Southampton.

14mm (11 December 2010)

These are amazing, just slid right in,
makes your hole look allot bigger too.
Well worth the money,

By from ATL,GA

Great (03 October 2010)

I Love It....It's Awesome

By Anonymous

silky smooth (09 August 2010)

these plugs are so comfortable and smooth. they look great and they feel great! i definitely recommend getting these!

By Anonymous

Perfect (27 July 2010)

Great and simple plugs! Cheap and good looking. A bit discrete but noticeable at the same time. Love them !

By Anonymous

Amazing for the Price! (26 June 2010)

After finally reaching my 14mm goal, I stuck these in and they are amazing. I love guaged ears but my family, friends anf boyfriend all hate them, this plug is great for not drawing attention but can still be noticed by the people who like them! I think I'll be getting lots of wear out of them!

By Anonymous

Double Flare (12 April 2010)

Awesome gauges! Comfortable and easy to clean. The glossy look attracts attention but doesn't go over the top. An awesome bargain for the price.

By Anonymous

(: (25 March 2010)

i bought two of these 22mm plugs and they are absolutely gorgeous. the glossy look is perfect. they are comfy too & don't fall out easily. best plugs i've had.

By Anonymous

5* (19 March 2010)

bought the 12mm size and.. damn!
pure awesomeness!

By Anonymous

Darkside 8mm (11 March 2010)

I ordered this in 8mm not expecting it to be amazing becuase it was so cheap, but what a bargin. Its the most comfortable double flair ive had & looks great too. Very smooth

By Anonymous

Ace Plugs! (10 March 2010)

I have had these plugs at various sizes and they are ACE!! i have just ordered some of these at 26mm and dispite the size the weight of these is like a feather! They are solid as a rock and you get noticed with these in! worth the buy since even at high gague levels such as mine the price is as good as the product.....ACE!!!

By Anonymous

Darkside Black Acrylic Double Flared Flesh Plug (03 March 2010)

I orderd These in 14mm They are Excellent Plugs, Look Amazing, Realy lightweight Easy to get in. Recomended to all

By Anonymous

Great value for money (26 February 2010)

Got this in 8mm and it feels very comfortable, looks awsome and is great value for money, for such a small price its definately worth the purchase.

By Anonymous

Good (15 February 2010)

They look good and are comfortable to wear. I have them in 8mm and they are slightly bigger so they're a bit hard to get in and out because of the flares.

By Anonymous

great! (31 January 2010)

i ve just ordered a pair in 16 mm but have alreadt had them in 12's they re the most comfortable plugs i have ever worn so comfortable and lightweight i forgot they were there also the value for money they re so cheap for there quality. they are a definate must have :D

By Anonymous

niceeee (22 January 2010)

nice plugs i would recommend to anybody.

By Anonymous

cool (16 January 2010)

I like the look of these plugs but I always seem to lose them on a night out or in bed.
but other than that they are comfortable and look cool

By Anonymous

Huge! (27 November 2009)

The plugs them self are great! but i ordered a pair of 16mm and because of the flares they're more like 18mm, i cant get them in atm but i will soon. Maybe get a size down if you're getting these.

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