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By from Seattle

Beautiful Color (21 August 2011)

A little darker in color than I expected and the flares were HUGE! I got these in 1/2" and the flares were probably about 5/8", no problem getting them in for me but I warn other people who don't have very stretchy ears.

By Anonymous

gooood (08 December 2009)

bit of trouble to get them in but im really happy with mine. havnt had a chance to see what its like under UV but cant wait to see

By Anonymous

Look Good (28 January 2009)

These look really good but the short flares are annoying for sleeping and swimming they often fall out
but otherwise they look sick

By Anonymous

! (30 July 2008)

Hard to get in but look amazing on nights out!!

By Anonymous

Okay (11 July 2008)

When I first bought these a few years ago (before BJS searching option of outside diameter) in size 10mm, I failed to realise that the 10mm was the inside diameter minus the flare, so in order to get there in I had to stretch to 12mm.

So beware when you are buying that in fact a 10mm tunnel now is probably on an 8mm tunnel due to the flares.

By Anonymous

flared eyelets (09 March 2008)

these tunnel look really nice, however when i desided to change mine it was slightly hard to get out but all i all is a great looking tunnel

By Anonymous

looks great! (15 February 2008)

these look rockin'! definatly a good choice for goin out to parties! lots of good comments. found it a bit tricky to get in but totally worth it in the end. very cool!

By Anonymous

Acrylic Double Flared Eyelet - Blue. (08 January 2008)

I have had loads of compliment on these!! Super comfortable, great colours and totally eye catching under U.V!! A wicked item!!

By Anonymous

tunnel (01 January 2008)

these eyelets are fantastic, they lok great and are very vibrant, I've bought them in many colours. would recommend

By Anonymous

Affordable and looks good. (02 October 2007)

This is a great buy if you are to wear this some where were you want it to be inconspicuous. It is better for the smaller sizes, but looks good in the larger ones too. When i first received this, i was anxious about whether or not it would hurt putting it in, as the eyelet is flared, however, i found that it slipped in nice and easy, and was firm once it was in so that there was no chance of it falling out. Over all, i was very impressed with this product.

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