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By from Norfolk

Really good. (06 February 2011)

This is a great way to start stretching if you're a beginner. And they're kinda hidden due to the colour so if you want to keep it hidden then you have no problem!

By from Nottingham

Alternative (19 July 2010)

These are a great alternative for stretching up compared to a straight taper, they look groovy aswell and get noticed in white!

By Anonymous

awesome (16 April 2010)

there so cheap and lightweight deffinately 10 stars .

By Anonymous

lovely (14 March 2010)

i bought two if these and they are great because they do not need an o-ring to stay in place.

By Anonymous

pure bliss (04 October 2009)

i bought a pair of these at 4mm and there absolutly great! they look good aswell as being cheap so no worrys if you miss place them :-)

By Anonymous

love love! (10 September 2009)

i bought this in 8mm and it's one of my favourite pieces of jewellery. It's big enough to be seen but not so big that it get's tangled in my hair. I'd definetially consider buying again if any larger sizes come into stock.

By Anonymous

Easy claw (15 June 2009)

This stretching claw was so easy to use. It's lightweight so it doesn't bring my ear down a tonne, and it's small too so it doesn't get in the way and doesn't get caught in my ear as often as other styles of tapers do. Definitely one to buy, especially if you're just starting to stretch.

By Anonymous

nice (05 May 2009)

Cheap and affective!
looks nice to!

By Anonymous

easy (05 February 2009)

Easy to use as a first stretch , also doesn't require o-rings and pretty cheap :)

By Anonymous

Liked these (10 September 2008)

I like these alot. bought one in an 8mm for my other ear and its lightweight and went right in. looks quite nice and is good value for money. also doesnt require O rings which is a cheeky bonus.

By Anonymous

Great! (09 August 2008)

The smaller sizes in this product are great cos they aren't too obvious which makes them perfect for work if you need to disguise your stetching!

By Anonymous

Great (18 June 2008)

Ive Bought 2 or 3 of these, and you wont find better value for money.
I didnt see the point in spending a lot of money as i wasnt planning to keep them in for too long and these were perfect.
they look quite good aswell

By Anonymous

awesome (11 May 2008)

pretty much any stretch hurts and 6 to 8 is probs one of the most painful i recon,
but these were great the fronts a bit bigger than the rest of it so it doesnt come out and you can wear it like jewellry too

its a bit more awkward to put a tunnel in after than with a normal straight taper. soo er if your looking to use a tunnel after stretching with this then donnt just get a straight taper. its mint though if you wana wear it after.

By Anonymous

These are GREAT and SO CHEAP!! (02 April 2008)

I already had 4mm holes that I wanted to stretch up so I bought a 6mm and an 8mm. These are great, so cheap that you are not wasting money when you stretch up to another size! Shame they don't come larger!!!

By Anonymous

wow. =] (21 February 2008)

i have recently decided to stretch my ears and instantly i thought of my mate who had done his, i was surprised to find that there was other things to stretch your ears with rather then plugs etc. he had this product in and to be honest it looks absolutly wicked im definatly gonna buy one now!

By Anonymous

No pain just joy! (04 January 2008)

I just bought this product, They are awsome. i strected my ears from 6.8 mm with this. it took me only 1 hour. it hurts a bit, but nothing compared to the pain you feel if you go to a peofessional pircer. i can oonly recomend these to everyone !!!!

By Anonymous

Really Good! (29 December 2007)

I bought two of these, black and white, in 3mm to stretch both my lobes. From a normal piercing size, the 3mm went into my left ear half way through, so I left it and then by the end of the day i pushed it all the way at it was sitting in nicely :) Unfortunately I couldn't manage to get the other one through my right ear so I left it as it was. After 2 weeks my ear was healed.
One minus of the product is that after a while of playing with it (as I always do) the bigger part of the claw which i supposed to hold it in place, also goes through but for me it was a plus!

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