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Cool claw (07 August 2011)

Can't believe how cheap this claw is, it does the job brilliantly although I would recommend using it with an O-ring so it doesn't slip.

By from Somerset

Good Item (30 July 2011)

Bought this to help my in the long process to stretch my ear, good item the shape makes it good to use as it can now only slide out one way and with an o-ring it wont. Good price - fast delivery - good quality


awsome (04 July 2011)

this product is so good and easy and stretches really well and easy to sleep when its in your ear


Useful (28 January 2011)

I ordered these to re-stretch my lobes, and they served their purpose well - they're comfortable, easy to wear and clean, and light. Could do with having o-rings supplied with them, though.

By from Brighton

Brilliant (22 December 2010)

Really easy to put in, solid and looks great. Love how you only need a single O ring for it. Also much more comfortable than a taper in my opinion

By Anonymous

review (06 November 2010)

so i really liked this product, it went in really easily(more easy than a taper) and its really comfy :D

By from UK

Brilliant but would prefer with an O ring (24 August 2010)

Brilliant product at a good price, my only issue was the lack of ay O rings (i just prefer to use them even tho many say they are not needed with this product type) however I had a load laying around from previous tapers so was not really a problem

By Anonymous

Perfect (04 June 2010)

I got it in a 6mm and my ear was 4mm, I barely felt it go in it was so comfy and well suited for guaging

By Anonymous

GREAT! (16 May 2010)

These are great value and by far the easiest taper to get in!

By Anonymous

Acrylic Claw. (04 May 2010)

Very good product. no problems with it, stayed in place fine without the O ring, and i found it really easy to stretch my ear with it. Will definatly buy a bigger size in this!!

By Anonymous

lovely (14 March 2010)

i bought two if these and they are great because they do not need an o-ring to stay in place.

By Anonymous

love it! (28 February 2010)

this is a really handy claw to have. originally bought it for my 8mm and was really light and comfy, even when riding my horse! then stretched to a 10mm and can still wear it due to the slightly larger block at the end. still comfy and nice to wear!

By Anonymous

8mm claw (24 November 2009)

just arrived, great quality item as usual, looks great too : )

By Anonymous

very easy (22 July 2009)

I recently bought these claws in 6mm and 8mm. they are very easy to use. I find them the easiest taper, and they look pretty decent as well, and they are a great value for money. definitely recommend

By Anonymous

great (19 July 2009)

this is a great product, cheap and looks great when worn, i own four of these i love them :D

By Anonymous

great! (12 May 2009)

Once again a great product. I purchased the 8mm claws. Recieved them very quickly and in perfect condition. They look great, and feel very light almost to the point of forgeting I have them in. i've gotten nothing but compliments on them.

By Anonymous

thumbs up (11 May 2009)

this is cheap, easy to use expeshly if its your first one and looks nice to!

By Anonymous

fzgd (27 April 2009)

these are great I just wish they went up to bigger sizes, cos they are cheap and easy to wear and strech.

By Anonymous

<3 (25 March 2009)

Huge fan of these! in any size just awesome, definately buying these for my different stages

By Anonymous

Awesome Claw (11 March 2009)

These are the BEST............... I have these in ever size, they are the best to stretch with i reckon. I use them to stretch up to each size, i just wish they came in bigger sizes as i would like a 10mm and a 12mm. They are really comfy to wear and very light. I would definantly recommend these amazing claws to anyone. These are a great price also very cheap so u can't go wrong..
Love them.............

By Anonymous

good (09 March 2009)

good, comfatable and cheap
loveing this website
cud have done with an o ring tho

By Anonymous

worth it (06 March 2009)

Feel great, easy to use. Look great! i turn heads when i wear these, so well worth it. Although without anf O ring they slip out a little bit

By Anonymous

nice lookin (07 February 2009)

the amount of strange looks ive had with this baby sticking out my ear makes it well worth the dish dosh!

By Anonymous

cheap (05 February 2009)

Great value for money, stylish and easy to put in

By Anonymous

4mm (22 January 2009)

i bought the 4mm claw as a temporary stopgap as my plan to jump from 3 to 5mm failed, and i found to to be supercomfortable to sleep in, light, prettyful and easy to use, i would totally recommend these for stretching, though you might want to get some O rings to keep them in place. and theyre cheap too! is awesome.

By Anonymous

really good (15 December 2008)

i bought this in 4mm and was able to wear it at work (i had to take the spiral one out) and just flipped it up at the back so it looked like a normal black stud. very easy to wear and didnt fall out at all.

By Anonymous

AMAZING ^___^ (13 November 2008)

I bought these because I attempted jumping from 3mm crescents to 5mm, and it ended up being really painful :S.
When these came, in 4mm, i just lubed em up, and they went through pain free!
Theyre really light, cheap, and look unique and are a decent size too :D.
cant wait to get them in 5mm!
And the actual claw bit , can be concealed behind your ear: if youre not allowed them at school or work etc. ( lol )

what more would you want? :D

By Anonymous

Brilliant (02 November 2008)

After trying to get the 4mm steel cresent in with no success, i decided to buy two of theses because they were so cheap. I'm the happiest person on the planet right now because i've finally been able to find a product that got me to 4mm (yeay). I completed my goal of getting to 4mm before christmas because of these. They were quick and easy to get in, they are a little sore at the moment cause i only put them in half hour ago but if your having trouble with the cresents definately buy these instead!!!! Soon i will be buying the 5mm.

By Anonymous

Darkside Black Acrylic Claw (25 September 2008)

My first stretch was with this little guy. SO easy to use its unbelievable and a GREAT price!!

By Anonymous

HannahLala (15 August 2008)

Awesome loved it..

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