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Sterling Silver & PTFE Nipple Chain – Pistol – 96C07UK


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Sterling Silver & PTFE Nipple Chain – Pistol – 96C07UK


Toughen up with this eye-catching sterling silver pistol nipple chain. This awesome nipple bar and chain features a two-part pistol and a tiny bullet dangling from the chain.
This nipple bar and chain consists of a silver chain hanging from a flexible PTFE bar. The silver ends of the chain push into the hollow bar and stay firmly in place. You can also trim the PTFE bar with scissors to ensure the perfect fit.
PTFE is extremely soft and comfortable to wear, so this nipple bar is ideal for people with metal allergies or sensitive piercings.

Trim-to-fit PFTE nipple bar
Use scissors to trim PTFE bar and reinsert silver chain
Very comfortable to wear
Sold singularly


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