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Kaos Silicone Skin Eyelet – Blue UV – 65B01UK


Kaos Silicone Skin Eyelet – Blue UV – 65B01UK


Get a bright new look with Kaos Blue UV Silicone Skin Eyelets. These thin silicone flesh tunnels really stand out and also make your stretchings look bigger. They glow under UV light, perfect for anyone who loves clubs and festivals.
These silicone eyelets are very soft and comfortable. They are great for sleeping or when you wear headphones or helmets. They squash flat under pressure. They are also very easy to insert – fold the eyelet in half, insert into the stretching and let go!
Silicone is highly biocompatible and skin-friendly. If other jewellery irritates your stretchings we recommend trying out silicone tunnels.

Glow under UV light and blacklight
Thin and light
Makes your stretch look bigger
Ideal for wear under headphones, hats & cycling / sports helmets
Ideal for sleeping in
No recommended for stretching – use a thicker tunnel
More acceptable to employers/school than metal jewellery
Sold singularly

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