Tongue Piercing Retainers

Don’t want the world to know you’ve got a tongue piercing? Our Tongue Piercing Retainers are here to help. These clever piercing retainers are super-discrete and come in a range of designs. As well as hiding your piercing, these retainers are perfect for hospital, X-rays or any time you cannot wear a metal bar. We also have a fantastic range of Tongue Piercing Jewellery to choose from.
Tongue Retainers are made of acrylic. They replace your existing Tongue Stud and are used for hiding Tongue Piercings, or can be used if you need to remove your jewellery for an x-ray, operation or dental treatment. It is held in place with a rubber ‘O’ ring. If you’re looking for something glamorous for your tongue piercing, don’t miss out on our sensational surgical steel Swarovski Crystal Tongue Bars, for a truly magical tongue adornment!

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  • Acrylic O-Ring Tongue Retainer – 8B05UK

  • Sale!

    Bioflex Multi Use Body Piercing Tube – 1.2mm – 37A01UK

  • Bioflex Multi Use Body Piercing Tube – 1.6mm – 37B06UK

  • Sale!

    Bioflex Multi Use Body Piercing Tube – 2.4mm – 37D03UK

  • Clear BioFlex Barbell with Ball – 34A06UK

  • Clear PTFE flexible barbell – 72A08UK

  • Flesh Tone BioFlex Barbell with Ball – 36D08UK

  • Sale!

    Nitrite Replacement O-Rings – Clear – 84C10UK

  • Sale!

    Red BioFlex Barbell with Ball – 36E05UK

  • Silver BioFlex Barbell with Ball – 36A10UK

  • White BioFlex Barbell with Ball – 36E01UK

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