BioFlex Labret Studs

Our Bioflex Labret Studs make it easy to keep your labret piercings looking and feeling great. They are flexible and biocompatible – perfect for difficult piercings, X-rays and visits to the dentist. Choose a bioflex labret stud, a Bioflex Retainer or check out our huge range of Labret Studs for more options.
This unique range of Bioflex labret studs features a selection of designs, all of which can be fitted by ‘pushing’ the accessory into the hollow Bioflex stem! Easy as that! See our full range of Labret Studs for a wider variety of sizes, colours, materials and designs!Labret studs are commonly worn in Lip and Labret piercings, although they are also ideal for Tragus piercings!

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  • Bioflex Labret Set with Jewelled Push Fit Discs – 64A01UK

  • Bioplast Push Fit Labret and Ear Retainer – Flesh Tone – 32E15UK

  • Clear Bioflex Labret Stem – Push-Fit – 34B05UK

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