BioFlex Essentials

These Bioflex Tools make it easy to customise your bioflex body jewellery. The threading tools and the bioflex push-fit converter tool mean that you can make up your own bioflex jewellery with any of our Bioflex Barbell Stems, Push-Fit Bioflex Accessories or Threaded Accessories.
Here are some tools and accessories for your bioflex and PTFE jewellery. These additions to your jewellery collection will be useful and are a great investment in practical jewellery wear, also making your jewellery easier to use and widening the range of possibilities.

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  • Sale!

    1.0mm Bioflex Curved Nose Piercing Retainer With Flat Disc – Black – 34C02UK

  • Bioflex Curved Nose Piercing Retainer – Clear – 34A09UK

  • Bioflex Curved Nose Stud With Dome – Clear – 6C06UK

  • BioFlex Flat top NoseBone Retainer – Black – 101A850

  • BioFlex Flat top NoseBone Retainer – Clear – 101A876

  • Bioflex Open Nose Ring – Clear – 38A01UK

  • Bioplast™ Threaded Labret Stem – Clear – 80D11UK

  • Clear PTFE flexible barbell – 72A08UK

  • Sale!

    PTFE and Bioplast Threading Tool – 36E18UK

  • Solid Black BioFlex Nose Retainer – 34C02UK

  • fleshtone Nose retainer stud

    Solid Fleshtone BioFlex Nose Retainer Stud – 34C04UK

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