Zircon Gold Ball Closure Rings

Update your style with our great range of Zircon Gold Ball Closure Rings. These glamorous BCRs have a wonderful gold shine and excellent biocompatibility. They are also suitable for most body piercings, including Navel Piercings, Lip Piercings, Nipple Piercings and lots of different Ear Piercings.
Zircon Gold Ball Closure Rings come in a variety of styles, available with a Hemitite, Pearl, Coral or Titanium coloured ball for different tastes. Extremely lightweight, Zircon Gold Ball Closure Rings look great on any facial piercing, although they can be used in the majority of all piercings.
Ball Closure Rings look great in Nipple, Lip, and Ear piercings! You can easily customise any of your 1.2mm or 1.6mm jewellery with our fantastic selection of Silver Navel Chains, which can be threaded onto your Barbell, Bananabell, Circular Barbell, Body Spiral or Ball Closure Ring for a touch of glamour within seconds!

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    Zircon Gold Seamless Ring – 101A1047

  • Zircon Gold Smooth Segment Ring – 9A03UK

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