Find the perfect piece of jewellery for your piercings with our huge range of titanium piercing jewellery. Titanium is an excellent material for body jewellery - it is lightweight, durable, extremely biocompatible and available in a number of gorgeous coloured finishes. If you were pierced with surgical steel but your piercing is still irritable, changing to titanium jewellery often helps. If you fancy black or gold titanium piercing jewellery, take a look at our stunning PVD coated titanium piercing jewellery.

13mm (34/64")

Our range of 13mm piercing jewellery means that you can get the perfect fit - even with a non-standard size like 13. Many barbells come in a 13mm length, so you'll find a great selection here. We also have a few 13mm bananabells - always remember to measure straight across between the ends of a bananabell, not along the curve of the bar.

Titanium Material / 13mm (34/64") Length

Here at Body Jewellery Shop with have a fantastic range of piercing jewellery in lots of different materials - from classic titanium piercing jewellery to flexible Bioplast piercing jewellery and eye-catching gold jewellery. Your choice of material is very important because the piercings react differently to different materials. If you are having trouble healing a piercing, for example, we recommend biocompatible PTFE piercing jewellery.

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