Make a statement with our great range of red piercing jewellery. These brightly coloured pieces include cute red hearts, crimson jewels and funky designs to update your look. For truly luminous colour, take a look at our beautiful range of glass piercing jewellery.


Make a statement with our beautiful range of coral piercing jewellery. All our coral jewellery is crafted from ethically obtained coral, including fashionable red coral and exquisite fossilised coral. Coral really stands out for its intricate natural patterns and offers you a completely unique piece of piercing jewellery. You may also like our great choice of amber piercing jewellery.

Red Colour / Coral Material

Create the perfect look with our rainbow selection of coloured piercing jewellery. On this page you'll find all our piercing jewellery sorted by colour, so you can choose from cute pink body jewellery, glam gold piercing jewellery or our attention-grabbing rainbow body jewellery.

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