Treat yourself to true quality and style with our range of gold body jewellery. These glamorous pieces of body jewellery are beautifully made from solid 18ct and 9ct gold. Each one is hand-finished and has a bright, long-lasting shine. Our gold piercing jewellery makes for great gifts and we also have a cheaper range of


Create a discrete look with our 2mm piercing balls. These tiny piercing balls are ideal for delicate looking piercings such as Madonna piercings, or if you just have petite features. They come in a range of designs, including "invisible" balls designed to hide your piercing. If you do have hide your piercing for work or school, we have a full range of body piercing retainers to help.

Gold Material / 2mm Ball Size

Here at Body Jewellery Shop with have a fantastic range of piercing jewellery in lots of different materials - from classic titanium piercing jewellery to flexible Bioplast piercing jewellery and eye-catching gold jewellery. Your choice of material is very important because the piercings react differently to different materials. If you are having trouble healing a piercing, for example, we recommend biocompatible PTFE piercing jewellery.

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