Ear Piercing - Orbital

Keep your orbital piercing looking and feeling great with our orbital piercing jewellery. Orbital piercings enter and exit through the same piece of ear cartilage, so it is very important to choose the right jewellery. The easiest choice is a ball closure ring, or you might like to start off with two piercings and use barbells instead.

Maternity / Pregnancy Jewellery

Our range of pregnancy piercing jewellery makes it easy to keep your piercings throughout your pregnancy without posing a risk to you or your baby. Our pregnancy piercing jewellery is made from the flexible, biocompatible materials PTFE and Bioplast. Both of these materials are ideal for pregnancy belly bars because they come in long lengths and bend as your body changes. They are also metal-free, so you won't have to change your jewellery for any hospital visits. PTFE and Bioplast are known to reduce the risk of infection and irritation.

Ear Piercing - Orbital Place on Body / Maternity / Pregnancy Jewellery Jewellery Type

Discover the perfect body jewellery for your piercing at Body Jewellery Shop. On this page you can browse all our piercing jewellery based on the location of your piercing. Just click on a piercing to see what jewellery we recommend. The type of jewellery you'll need for your piercing will depend very much on your anatomy and the size of your piercing, so be sure to check out all the recommended products and measure your piercing carefully. Some pieces like ball closure rings and barbells are designed to go in almost any type of piercing, while others - like the bananabell - are specifically shaped to fit into one type of piercing.

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