Make sure you get the perfect look with our huge choice of 4mm piercing balls. 4mm balls are one of the popular sizes and are often found on the top of bananabells, as well as plenty of barbells and labret studs. On this page you'll find jewellery that comes with 4mm balls, as well as loose balls you can use to update existing pieces.

Tongue Piercing

Treat your tongue piercing to safe, stylish jewellery with our range of tongue piercing jewellery. We have a great choice of tongue piercing jewellery including flat tongue studs, flexible picture tongue bars and non-metal tongue piercing retainers. If you keep biting your tongue bar by accident, try the flat tongue studs or soft piercing retainers to give your teeth a break.

4mm Ball Size / Tongue Piercing Place on Body

On this page you can browse all our piercing jewellery based on the size of the balls on that product. Piercing jewellery balls come in a wide range of sizes, each of which fit onto different jewellery and are chosen for different reasons - for example, a small 2.5mm ball looks great on a nose piercing, while 6mm balls make more of a statement and tend to be found on belly button piercings.

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