Create a discrete look with our 2mm piercing balls. These tiny piercing balls are ideal for delicate looking piercings such as Madonna piercings, or if you just have petite features. They come in a range of designs, including "invisible" balls designed to hide your piercing. If you do have hide your piercing for work or school, we have a full range of body piercing retainers to help.

Labret Piercing

Discover the right jewellery for your labret with our labret piercing jewellery. Labret piercings can be located anywhere along the bottom lip but are most commonly placed in the middle of the lip. We have a huge range of different labret studs to choose from, including Bioplast labret studs to reduce healing times and labret retainers - perfect for work or school.

2mm Ball Size / Labret Piercing Place on Body

On this page you can browse all our piercing jewellery based on the size of the balls on that product. Piercing jewellery balls come in a wide range of sizes, each of which fit onto different jewellery and are chosen for different reasons - for example, a small 2.5mm ball looks great on a nose piercing, while 6mm balls make more of a statement and tend to be found on belly button piercings.