22mm (7/8")

Get the perfect fist with our great range of 22mm body jewellery. We have a wide choice of 20mm barbells and bananabells, so you're sure to find something for your piercing. Always remember to measure straight across between the ends of a bananabell, not along the curve of the bar.

Internally Threaded Jewellery

Internally threaded piercing jewellery makes changing your jewellery easy and painless. Whereas a traditional externally threaded bar uses threads (screw ends) on the bar, an internally threaded barbell has its threads on the ball, which then screw into the bar. This means that the end of the bar is smooth and passes cleanly through your piercing. Internally threaded piercing jewellery is perfect for new piercings and easily irritated piercings. If your piercing is particularly difficult or refuses to heal after a long time you could also try Bioplast piercing jewellery, which is flexible and extremely biocompatible.

22mm (7/8") Length / Internally Threaded Jewellery Jewellery Type

It is always important to get the right length piercing jewellery and on this page you can browse our whole range based on bar length. If your piercing jewellery is too short it will pinch and may reject, whereas overly-long piercing bars will slide and be uncomfortable. Before you buy new jewellery you should measure your piercing from hole to hole - then you can choose a barbell, labret stud or bananabell of the correct length. Please note, this measurement refers to the bar in a piece of jewellery, not the whole product.

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