Our Wooden Eardrops make a gorgeous alternative to earrings and come in a wide range of stylish designs. Each eardrop has been handcrafted and polished to a warm, natural finish. We also have a great selection of Buffalo Horn Eardrops.

Due to the porous nature of wood we would like to make the following recommendations:

· Wood should only be used in mature/healed stretchings and should not be used as part of the stretching process.
· Prior to insertion, lightly oil the tunnels - olive oil, jojoba, vitamin E, tea tree oil - with lightly oiled paper towel.
· Wipe off excess oil - do not overwipe.
· Place gently in the ear.
· Regularly rotate in the ear - this is beneficial for both your ear and the jewellery.
· It is recommended that you repeat this process periodically - gently washing any build up if required - before re-oiling. (Please note that frequent applications of oil may cause material to darken.)
· We do not recommend that wood jewellery is submerged in water for long periods of time and avoid any drastic changes in temperature or humidity.
· As with all materials, oils and cleaning products - there can be no guarantee that an allergic reaction will not occur.
· You know your body, take care of it.

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