Make a real statement with our range of video flesh plugs. Video flesh plugs feature holographic designs that animate what you turn the plug from left to right and visa versa. This means you get two looks in one and they look awesome when you turn your head. All our video flesh plugs are made from high quality PMMA acrylic, so they are lightweight, skin-safe and very comfortable.

All flesh plugs and tunnels for stretched piercings are sold singularly, so you can mix and match your designs!

Video flesh plugs are like none you've ever seen before! New and specially designed to appear in movement, the various designs have animation, zoom and morph effects when changing angle in movement.

Made of PMMA, a shatterproof plastic often used as an alternative to glass. It can be as transparent as glass, allowing 92% of the sunlight to pass through or completely solid opaque black or white. PMMA is light, hard, easy to polish and very durable. PMMA Flesh Plugs fade-proof and odorless.