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This black acrylic stretching taper is now available in sizes from 3mm, all the way up to 30mm!

For the more extreme stretched piercings, these tapers are definitely not for the discreet.

Larger gauge piercings are stretched gradually to a larger size, one size at a time with a minimum of about 3-4 weeks in between each stretch upwards.

To use the stretching taper, you will need to lubricate it (substances such as Savlon, Liquid Soap, Vitamin-E oil are recommended) and push it slowly through your piercing.

Once you have stretched up, these tapers can be left in your stretched piercing and worn as jewellery, making the whole process easy and fuss-free!

Suitable for: Ear Piercing - Stretched Lobes

Jewellery Type: Stretched Ear Jewellery, Stretching Tools


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By Anonymous

Black ear stretcher (03 July 2014)

These stretchers are really great stretchers. The price is a bargain and they are really high quality. I ordered 2 5mm and 2 6mm stretchers and they have been great. With fantastic prices, high quality items and super fast delivery I will be ordering again soon :)

By Anonymous

cheap & cheerful (01 January 2012)

Very cheap , great product. used these everytime iv gone up a size and so affordable.


Can't go wrong with these. (12 October 2011)

Very good price, I'm yet to find anywhere that sells these tapers as cheap as here. I'm at 20mm at the moment but will be going to about 26mm soon, once you get to a certain size it become much easier to stretch up with these. Just remember to take it easy though because going up 2mm at a time with these its really easy to have a blow out or tear.


Amazing for the price =] (17 August 2011)

No matter how I stretch my ears, they always end up getting angry at me. Even so, these tapers make it so much easier to stretch your ears and with the least pain possible, plus they look cool. I refuse to buy tapers anywhere else as I know this is the cheapest I can find them for and the quality is always consistently high. Also, if you stretch fairly frequently, what's the point in buying an expensive taper that you're probably only going to use once.

By from Denver, USA

AWESOME! (26 May 2011)

THEY LOOK GREAT! I got 30 mm. It is easy to stretch. Comfortable to wear. It's amazing! I LOVE IT!

By from UK

Perfect! (15 March 2011)

these are soo easy to stretch with, I brought 2 of these in 20mm and they are just amazing!

By from Wales

Stunners (16 February 2011)

I really like these stretchers. Do the job well and the black dont come off does it. ceemon!


cheap and does what it says (03 November 2010)

Great products and cost effective as well because if your like me you realise you go through a hell off alot of these if your going up and up in size. def worth getting them.

By from Essex

A decent taper (10 August 2010)

This is a nice smooth taper that I have used in lots of different sizes. It's easy to use and has secure O rings. I don't particularly like wearing tapers inbetween stretches so prefer to use these black ones which in my opinion are slightly less obvious than the colourful/patterned ones (though they are still very obvious!). Great value for money too, you'll struggle to find them cheaper anywhere else.

By Anonymous

Sweet. (15 July 2010)

I love these tapers, out of all the tapers I've had from bright colours to multicoloured patterns these are my favourite. They are bold yet not overwhelming. Really comfy aswell, I got a size 10mm.

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