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G23 surgical titanium open nose ring.

These open nose rings are an innovative new design in nostril jewellery, ideal for swift and easy changing of jewellery, no more losing balls or fiddling with ball closure rings!

Open nose rings look exactly like smooth segment rings when fitted because they are continuously smooth without any balls in the way. This also makes them easier to fit, and you'll never lose spare balls and pieces ever again!

The ring is slipped into the nose piercing from inside the nose, passing all the way through until the flat disc is resting against the inside of your piercing. It really couldn't be easier!

The open nose ring is available in Zircon Gold (code GNR), Blackline (code KNR) and Surgical Steel (code ONR).

The gap in the ring is approx. 4mm.

Suitable for: Nose Piercing

Jewellery Type: Nose Studs and Rings

Gauge / Thickness:
0.8mm (20 Gauge)
1.2mm (16 Gauge)
Internal Diameter:
7mm (0.28")
9mm (0.35")
Jewellery Type:
Nose Studs and Rings


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By from London

Great for tragus (01 July 2019)

Great for my tragus piercing, doesn't get in the way of earbuds or earplugs and far less fiddly than dealing with BCRs. Slim and elegant. Good price too.


Great alternative (07 September 2012)

really couldn't be done with having a ball ring in my nose as I think they can look quite intrusive, I'm not good with fiddly things so this seemed a good idea. works a treat, really comfortable and I didn't find it fiddly at all. I widened the gap in mine just for a bit more room, great item, yay, thanks!

By from london

great (09 February 2012)

best nose ring i've tried perfect size although it is a bit fiddly to get in but once it's in it is very comfortable shame they didn't have a 6mm as that would have fitted my nose more snugly.
the 1mm doesn't look to thick either so it's not to ott to look at :)
overall great product at a great price!

By Anonymous

Great Product! (20 October 2011)

Great ring very bendable and flexible if you need to widen or close it to your benefit. Can't wait till can wear it!


brilliant! (22 September 2011)

it's brilliant, if you make sure the flat is directly on the inside of your nose you can't see the gap at all. if I sleep in it though it turns around a bit but doesn't easily come out. it looks great and so much less hassle than other ones i've tried! it's ace! 1mm x 7mm fitted me fine, but i got my piercing done especially for wearing a nose ring

By from Southampton

Nose ring (12 August 2010)

Being allergic to all metals except silver and titanium I have been having trouble finding a good looking nose ring that wasn't too big or too fiddly to put in. I found BCRs a pain in the butt, silver bends out of shape easily but this is ideal. Just the right size and easy to insert and wear. I love the fact you do these rings in a variety of sizes.

Any chance you can do the other colours in a 7mm diameter? If you did I'd buy more (you wouldn't think 1mm would make a difference but 8mm looks too big on my small nose)

I love it...the first ring I have bought that doesn't look mahoosive i my nose!! Thank you!!

By Anonymous

I loved this! (28 June 2010)

This product was bought as a gift for me, I had a tiny bit of trouble streching the gauge in my nose, but I would highly reccomend this product to everyone! It is by far my favourite piece of nose jewellery. :)

By Anonymous

Perfect. (06 May 2010)

I bought this item because i wanted to put a ring in my nose but all that i had was a hinged earring that was too big. It's so easy to get in and out even though my nose piercing had healed with a 1mm stud. Although i did have to close the gap a little this was no problem. Absolute bargain. Truly reccomend!

By Anonymous

Cheat nose ring (30 November 2009)

How refreshing it is not to have to worry about the hassle of a clip in ball or segment. However, as my nose piercing seemed to have formed the shape of my 1mm titanium nose studs, it took some coaxing and an insertion pin to persuade this piece of metal into the position I wanted it to be in. Once in, the jewellery looked like a segment ring and didn't seem to be inclined to fall out. However, I prefer a smaller diameter ring with a snugger fit, and this seemed to stick out quite a lot. Apart from that, I can't fault it. It is fit for the purpose for which it was built.

By Anonymous

Open ring (23 December 2008)

I got this ring originally for my ex but it didn't fit in his wussy hole so I kept it and only recently started wearing it. It is easy to put in but the gap is noticeable which is a shame. Also I do keep on moving it around as it is not always comfortable but the practicality of not having to use a mirror is good.

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