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Small and sparkly, this titanium micro nostril stud is a great choice. This stud has a 3mm ball so it looks discrete but it still glamorous. Unlike a nose screw, it cannot fall out and won’t get caught on anything.

This nose stud is made from G23 titanium, so it is very biocompatible. It is comfortable to wear and we recommend it for people with metal allergies or sensitive piercings.

Suitable for: Ear Piercing - Ear Lobe, Ear Piercing - Tragus, Nose Piercing

Jewellery Type: Nose Studs and Rings

Ball Size:
Gauge / Thickness:
1.0mm (18 Gauge)
Jewellery Type:
Nose Studs and Rings
Popular Designs:
Ball Size
Stem Colour


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Based on 4 Reviews

By from Medway, Kent

Highly recommended! (26 July 2012)

I kept having issues with nose studs falling out while I was sleeping, I tried BCR's and they were no good either so I decided to try this. I'm so glad I did, it was a little tricky to put in, because I wasn't used to it, but since then I've had no problems at all.

It's so comfortable I've practically forgotten it's there. I was a little concerned the length of the post wouldn't be a good fit but it's perfect. The little clear jewel is pretty while still looking discrete. I can't recommend this highly enough :)

By from Birmingham

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! (22 December 2011)

I really can't recommend this product or this website any higher!

I've had my nose pierced for around 9 months, and since I lost my original screw nose stud that it was pierced with (trying to put it in over the sink, never doing that again!) it has been a nightmare to find anything to put in it. The only jewellery that I could find in the shops were the really thin (I'm guessing the smallest gauge?) ones that wouldn't work, as I was consistently loosing them in my bed or simply wiping my nose and loosing them on the floor or pavement as my piercing was bigger. On one memorable occasion, I sneezed and hit a business man in the face with my nose stud as it flew out.

I'd bought a few nose screws off ebay and the like, but they were never what I wanted, which I then couldn't send back for hygiene reasons. After feeling like giving up on a nose piercing even though I loved it because I simply couldn't find any jewellery, I decided to search the web for anyone's suggestions. I found a blog suggesting a labret stud, and stumbled upon this website. I was sceptical at first, because I had no idea what gauge I was pierced with or anything, but after some research I realised that this was perfect as I had been bending the back of earrings to create a claw stud in desperation- and this is the same width as the average earring.

So, after reading the reviews below I decided to go for it, and ordered 2. I have a nose stud and a helix piercing, and I find it uncomfortable to sleep in a normal earring. I didn't know if it would work in a helix (which it most definitely does!), but I would then have a spare for my nose if anything ever happened.

The product arrived very promptly (in under 2 days) and in perfect packaging.

It took me a minute to get it in, after a few failed attempts as I couldn't find the inside of the piercing in my nose. I couldn't believe how comfortable it was once I had got it in! I have a cold, and it has been brilliant to blow my nose and not have my stud fall out. It went into my helix piercing easily as you can bend your ear to put it in the back. It looks quite subtle in my helix, which is nice. I can now match my jewellery, which is brilliant!

I realise that I have just given you a whole back story, but I thought it would be useful if anybody has had the same issues as me.

In short- an amazing product, can be used in nose and helix piercings, perfect width for a professionally done nose piercing, and incredibly comfortable and practical, not to mention stylish. THANK YOU BODYJEWELLERYSHOP.COM!

By Anonymous

Not just Noses (20 August 2010)

I bought two of these for my pinna ear piercings. They work and look fantastic. Thank you.

By Anonymous

Brilliant! (10 October 2007)

I already had the purple titanium micro nostril stud when my best friend gave this to me (her nose piercing is 1.2mm and she didn't notice that this was a 1mm stud) and I'm glad she gave it to me! I love the micro nostril studs so much!

They are quite hard to put in at first because you have to put the stem in from the inside but after a while you get used to it and then you just screw the ball on and you're set to go!

These are really comfy! You don't even notice that you're wearing them. It's because the length is just right =] I think these would be really good if you have bad allergies or just the cold! Lol. Because when you're using a tissue , there is really no chance of these coming out at all!

So I would recommend this to anyone with a nose piercing (or ear piercings too!) as it is one of my favourite pieces of nose jewellery!

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