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This G23 Surgical Titanium Flesh Tunnel comes in Ti-Glow (silver colour) and features one removable lip that screws onto the back of the flesh tunnel.

Flesh tunnels are great for stretched piercings, showing off the hole whilst also very practical and ideal for all occasions.

Flesh tunnels are externally threaded and have a rim around the shaft. One side is removable by unscrewing the lip, which is a very secure hold when fitted into your stretched piercing.

Please note, smaller flesh tunnels will not look identical to the photograph. The hole in the middle of the tunnel is fairly small on sizes up to 5mm.

  • Sold singularly

Suitable for: Ear Piercing - Stretched Lobes

Jewellery Type: Stretched Ear Jewellery


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By from southampton

well worth it (02 August 2011)

had this at both 6mm and 8mm, perfect flesh tunnels never had a problem with them, would suggest to anyone to get one


awsome (10 March 2011)

i got 2 both 10mm, they r very good quality and worth the price. they r easy to screw on and really comfortable. they do make the whole look abit smaller but they still look awesome. i recommend these to anyone with small stretches.

By Anonymous

cool (14 July 2009)

Light and comfy.
Doesnt look too harsh, makes the hole look smaller though.

By Anonymous

Not bad (07 February 2009)

I gots two of these, 5mm and 8mm. The titanium makes them a much lighter option than steel so they are ultra comfy, even in big sizes I'm guessing. I find them easy to thread and they've never come loose as long as I've been wearing them. Pretty decent flesh tunnel, I'd say. Kinda expensive but meh; I like them.

By Anonymous

great! (22 December 2008)

This is a really nice, simple and comfortable tunnel. There isn't anything amazing about it, but that adds to the charm. :) However, it does make the hole look a little smaller than it is.

By Anonymous

Titanium Flesh Tunnels (19 February 2008)

Wow, I totally recommend these. They are totally comfortable no matter what size!!!
They are easy to take off, and put in. These, I totally recommend for first timers or those who play sports such as swimming or volleyball, etc.

Good luck! :D
~Kay Jay~

By Anonymous

Great product !! (01 October 2007)

These are amazingg would definately recommend them to anyone wanting to stretch a piercing or with a stretched piercing.

By Anonymous

Awesome! (12 January 2007)

Wore one of these for a few months while i had a smaller stretch. The second I replaced my standard stainless steel tunnel with this one I could feel the weight difference, titanium is alot lighter. This tunnel is also very comfy and I found it easy to clean.

By Anonymous

Good (12 January 2006)

these are well comfy to wear bt i had a bit of trouble with gettin the detatchable end off at first.but generally they're great!

By Anonymous

they're ok (10 October 2005)

they're pretty gd and comfy but they tend 2 make ur ears smell a lot so i find that if u hav that just wearing uv or plastic 4 a bit will make the smell go away

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