These Bioflex Tools make it easy to customise your bioflex body jewellery. The threading tools and the bioflex push-fit converter tool mean that you can make up your own bioflex jewellery with any of our Bioflex Barbell Stems, Push-Fit Bioflex Accessories or Threaded Accessories.

Here are some tools and accessories for your bioflex and PTFE jewellery. These additions to your jewellery collection will be useful and are a great investment in practical jewellery wear, also making your jewellery easier to use and widening the range of possibilities.

The size converter is used with push-fit bioflex labret studs to make them usable with any threaded accessory of your choice! They come both in 1.2mm and 1.6mm, so you have the widest possible range available to you!

The threading tool can be used with both 1.2mm and 1.6mm bioflex or PTFE stems. This tool allows you to re-thread any stem of your choice, easily within seconds!

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