Light up your look with our gorgeous range of Glowing Titanium Threaded Balls and Accessories. These eye-catching threaded balls all glow either under UV light or just in the dark, so you get an awesome night-time look. Just add these threaded balls to Titanium Barbells, Bananabells and Labret Studs for your perfect look.

Here you will find some of the funkiest threaded accessories around! These glowing threaded balls and accessories in G23 Surgical Titanium feature different colours and designs that glow in various ways, some under Ultra Violet light and some glow in the dark!

Customize your piercings to stand out on all occasions, you'll never have dull piercings again! These threaded glowing accessories will fit with any threaded jewellery stem as long as the gauge (thickness) of your jewellery stem is compatible with the gauge of the threaded ball.

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