Keep your piercings looking great with our Plain Titanium Threaded Balls. These classic threaded balls come in a range of cute colours and offer great value – threaded balls are so easy to lose, why not stock up on a few spares? Just add these threaded balls to Titanium Barbells, Bananabells and Labret Studs for your perfect look.

Our range of G23 Surgical Titanium threaded balls includes a variety of accessories to customize your threaded body jewellery stems, such as Barbells, Circular Barbells, Bananabells, Body Spirals and Labret Studs.

Threaded balls are used in almost every item of body piercing jewellery, and usually unscrew to allow the body jewellery to be inserted into the piercing. It's very easy to lose a threaded ball, so why not stock up on a few spares?

Titanium Threaded Balls come in five different colours, either to mix or match with your existing jewellery! Be as creative as you like!

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