Internal Diameter

Product Code: BAC - 1.6mm

Keep any piercing looking and feeling great with this 1.6mm Surgical Steel Bar Closure Ring.

The bar closure allows this steel bar closure ring to rotate 360 degrees through the piercing, ideal for easy cleaning.

The bar also creates a smooth look much more discrete than a BCR – perfect for madonna piercings, nose piercings and delicate ear piercings.

Suitable for: Ear Piercing - Auricle, Ear Piercing - Daith, Ear Piercing - Ear Lobe, Ear Piercing - Orbital, Ear Piercing - Pinna, Ear Piercing - Rook, Ear Piercing - Snug, Ear Piercing - Tragus, Eyebrow Piercing, Female Genital Piercing, Lip Piercing, Navel (Belly Button) Piercing, Nipple Piercing, Septum Piercing

Jewellery Type: BCRs

Gauge / Thickness:
1.6mm (14 Gauge)
Internal Diameter:
10mm (3/8")
12mm (1/2")
14mm (9/16")
16mm (5/8")
19mm (3/4")
7mm (0.28")
Jewellery Type:
Surgical Steel


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By Anonymous

Great Product (02 May 2010)

Bought these for my boyfriend who was consistantly having trouble with his lobe piercings, worked wonderfully, all his piercings healed up nicely as these are so hygenic and easy to keep clean. Managed to get the 1.6mm ones in without any specialist pliers etc, just takes a bit of patience the first time! Have recommeded these to many friends.

By Anonymous

AMAZING (01 February 2010)

i buy these all the time, and the closure clasp is easy to fit in. Might get some black ones :)

By Anonymous

Easy and look good (30 November 2009)

I have used the smooth segment ones before for my lip but always found it to sting a bit when putting them in so bought these, Worked great. The edges are rounded off so it goes on easy compared to the smooth segment ones and bar keeps it from moving around lot. Would highly recommend these to anyone.

By Anonymous

Nose ring (29 October 2009)

My 1.6 mm closure ring arrived yesterday and all ready i love it. Before i bought this i was wearing a normal ball closure ring but i for ever loseing the balls for them, when this happened the ring would sometimes come out and i wouldn't realise for days and then the pain of pushing it back in was too much.

Yes the bar closue ring is alot more fiddely but when in the advantage of it is obvious straight away. Oh and its also very comfy.

I think that the sizeing that is noted down for them is also very accerate. I buy all my body jewelley from this site, so thank you again.

Kate x

By Anonymous

bought 3 (04 September 2009)

i needed 3 for my lip peircings. i hate ball closing rings and thought i try these a bit fiddely getting in but just a expected. they look great and a cheap as chips.

By Anonymous

Bar Closure Rings (08 July 2009)

I have this item with a 10mm diameter for my septum and I think it is pretty much perfect. I have already purchased larger sizes for when i stretch my piercing up.

Here are a few tips if you are having trouble getting the bar in and out:

- Use a pair of thin nosed jewellery pliers (or similar) to loosen the bar a little at first.
- Put plasters or tape on the pliers to improve grip and avoid scratching the ring.
- Make very tiny adjustments loosening and tightening the ring until the bar is loose enough to put in my hand but not too loose that it will come out easily. (This can be really fiddly and annoying but is well worth making the effort to get right)
- Make sure you have a good grip of the ring and bar when you attempt to put it in.
- Get one end of the bar in position, then click the other side into place by squeezing your fingers so the ring and bar allign.

By Anonymous

Tricky (12 June 2009)

It can be awkward putting the segment back in when its in the piercing, but other than that the product is very good.
Also a lot cheaper than local shops ...

By Anonymous

cool (17 April 2008)

there very cool but also very fidly! i got one for my lebret and have to use twisers and pliers to get the ring in. other then that there amazing :)

By Anonymous

My bar closure ring (09 October 2007)

I bought one of these for my septum piercing, and it really looks amazing. It isn't as obvious as a ball closure ring, and is very comfy,as a small one fits very snugly.

I reccomend this for anyone who wants to keep their piercings low-key, or doesn't want to look over-the-top with a few facial piercings.

By Anonymous

bar closure ring (02 October 2007)

i got two of these for my twin lebret had no trouble tis cool

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