Internal Diameter

Product Code: BAC - 1.2mm

Make the most of your piercings with this 1.2mm Surgical Steel Bar Closure Ring.

The bar closure allows this steel bar closure ring to rotate 360 degrees through the piercing, ideal for easy cleaning.

The bar also creates a smooth look much more discrete than a BCR – perfect for madonna piercings, nose piercings and delicate ear piercings.

Suitable for: Ear Piercing - Daith, Ear Piercing - Orbital, Ear Piercing - Pinna, Ear Piercing - Rook, Ear Piercing - Snug, Eyebrow Piercing, Female Genital Piercing, Lip Piercing, Nose Piercing, Septum Piercing

Jewellery Type: BCRs

Gauge / Thickness:
1.2mm (16 Gauge)
Internal Diameter:
10mm (3/8")
12mm (1/2")
6mm (1/4")
8mm (5/16")
Jewellery Type:
Surgical Steel


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Love it but... (03 September 2013)

How do I remove this from my nose?? Hhaha, i want to change it to a stud, Thanks


So cute! (22 April 2011)

I bought the 6mm, its tiny and sooo sweet! I have a lot of piercings, so I kinda try and stick to the smallest & most minimal fittings I can, bought this for my septum, sleek, but not by any means boring - the bar is a bit fiddly, but a pair of needle-nose pliers (for those of us without ring-opening pliers!) sorted that out fairly quickly once I figured out a method :]

By Anonymous

My favorite thing so far (05 July 2010)

I love this ring, i have 2 in my lip one in my septum. I have spiderbites that are fairly new and very susceptible to making my lip swell up a lot when irritated. unlike the segment rings i have, the bar is the hollow part, and the ring piece you push through the piercing is rounded on the ends. It also doesn't catch on the skin when you push the bar part through the piercing, and in my lip it likes to just sit with the bar hidden inside and doesn't rotate around.

i was worried by the comments about how its hard to get in, but with a simple pair of pointed pliers i got it in easily in about 30 seconds.

By Anonymous

finally! (02 March 2010)

The only way i could get the bar in was to hold it with a pair of tweezers because it's so fiddly. Apart from that it's great in the nose, you cant see the bar at all.

By Anonymous

Really nice, a bit tricky though! (20 February 2010)

It is a lovely piece of jewellery and it looks great in. The only downside is how difficult it can be to get in, and if you start absent mindedly fiddling with it, the little bar can fall out very easily.

By Anonymous

Pretty good (19 February 2010)

These fit my nose perfectly, perfect size, not too obvious, but still noticeable enough to serve it's purpose : )

The only bad thing, is it's quite hard to get the bar in, but after that, they rock!

By Anonymous

look and feel fab (14 August 2009)

I have my upper and mid pinna (cartilage) pierced and replaced the upper with a 11 cm 1.2mm gauge. My sis had to help me clip the bar in as i just couldn't get a grip - but I have long nails, dislocate my joints etc so others may have a better exp. The rings themselves are of high quality metal, they have retained their shine and colour- i never take them out and they get washed in the shower. Lost a bar whilst dying my hair and that time did manage to replace it no probs (with a spare). My sis liked them so much that she stole the other (whole) one I bought for her problematic cartilage piercing and reports that she has had great healing and no issues since. Get two as you'll either need 1 for its bar or someone will steal one! Fiddly bars tho! Great seemless look!

By Anonymous

:) (08 July 2009)

it was actually pretty fast i live in portugal and in 4 days it was in my mail box :)
bought the 7mm one
i was scared when i read the comments about how hard it is to get the bar back in
but with some patience i got it :)
been using in on my nose and its very confortable
its easy to hide the lill bar and make it look like a full ring
great quality product

By Anonymous

Very pleased (08 April 2009)

After only having my pinna (top of ear) piercing for a month and a bit, i have been wearing both a barbell and a bananabell. After my friend decided to put a ring in her ear, i decided to have a go and she recommened this website to me. At first i was looking at the ball closure rings but i decided that i didnt like the look of the ball being in view and my friend recommended this bar closure ring. After it arrived i had a lot of trouble putting the bar back into the ring but after an hour or so, i found a technique that will easily allow the bar to fit back in. It hasn't fallen out so far and hopefully wont and is very comfortable in my ear. Also, the bar can be easily hidden in the piercing so it looks like a full ring, which i think looks very effective. After buying the 9mm ring i have decided that the ring is too loose for my ear and i would like to get the 7mm but i am going to keep this one in for the time being to see how i feel. I would thoroghly recommend this product.

By Anonymous

i dont like these too much (01 April 2009)

these are impossible to get the bar in the ring even after i loosened it but i managed to get one in (the bigger one at 11mm) after about 30- 60 mins of trying and was very comfy when in the top of my ear. Surgical Steel 'Ring Opening Pliers' are VERY MUCH recommended for this product, to make the fitting much quicker and easier.

I think the bigger the size (in diameter) the easier to put in, is my advice so remember that when choosing these

and also i think if you are putting them in your ear its harder for you hands to co-ordinate, because i managed to get one of the 9mm's in my nose

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