Stretch your ears in comfort and style with our Buffalo Horn Crescents and Spirals. Each crescent is handcrafted from ethically obtained horn. Buffalo horn is beautifully smooth, biocompatible and reduces odour – perfect for gradual stretching. We also have a stunning range of Buffalo Flesh Plugs.

The key to stretching is time and patience. Your body tissues need time between each stretching stage to adjust, heal and grow new cells.

The slower you stretch the easier and more comfortable it will be and the further you will be able to go.
As ear lobes get plenty of circulation they tend to heal quickly but the soft tissue is easy to injure if pushed too far too soon.

Lightly lubricate the ear and jewellery, gently pushing the stretching crescent from front to back until you feel resistance supporting the tissue at the back of the ear.

A good time to do this is after a hot bath or shower as the warmth causes the tissue to expand and soften making you skin stretch more easily.

Water based or oil based lubricants can be used - cocoa butter, vitamin E oil, jojoba oil etc. However, use oil based lubricants in moderation as these may make an oily film keeping oxygen out.

Remember, although jewellery is measured in diameter, your body feels the circumference. The bigger you go, the greater the area your are increasing the stretch by, and the more difficult it will be, so it is more important that you do not rush these stages.

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